Doctor's Day: IMA expresses its willingness to help battle COVID-19 but claims government ignored their pleas

Chaitraly Deshmukh
Wednesday, 1 July 2020

IMA Maharashtra has expressed its willingness to help the Government of Maharashtra but states that it has ignored following sincere appeals.

Pune: July 1 every year is celebrated as the Doctors’ Day all over India. In the memory of the great Freedom Fighter, the second Chief Minister of West Bengal and founder of IMA, the Bharat Ratna Late Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, this day is observed as the Doctors’ Day since 1991. As a respect to the doctors in Maharashtra State, who succumbed in the fight with COVID19, IMA Maharashtra has decided not to ‘celebrate’ but to ‘observe’ this auspicious day.

IMA Maharashtra has 216 branches all over the state and around 45,000 doctors, who are graduates and post-graduate degree holders of Modern Medicine. The day will be observed as ‘ATMA-SAMMAN DIVAS’ better known as Self Respect Day.

In the COVID 19, the fraternity of the doctors is being treated with scant respect by the society, political and social leaders as well the media. All the good work done by the doctors is being disregarded, all the appeals to solve the problems of the doctors is being ignored and the doctors are criticised and blamed for the exploits they never did.

IMA Maharashtra has expressed its willingness to help the Government of Maharashtra but states that it has ignored following sincere appeals.

Closed dispensaries: Right from the beginning of the nationwide lockdown amid the spread of the novel coronavirus 90 per cent clinics, dispensaries and hospitals were open and were giving their services in spite of all odds. The doctors of other patties had kept their clinics closed but the IMA doctors attending their clinics regularly were served with the legal notice.

The IMA had repeatedly requested the Maharashtra state Government to provide standardised PPE kits from the authorised vendors, at a reasonable price. It was accepted but the assurance was never fulfilled. The private doctors in desperation have been purchasing the kits and masks at phenomenal rates, from whatever available sources, sometimes from any scrupulous dealers. The substandard PPE kits and masks is one of the reasons for the doctors getting infected.

Insurance: However, the Government declared insurance of Rs 50 lakh for every healthcare worker. Later on, the policemen were included and even the journalists were assured to be covered but the private doctors’ plea for the similar was ignored. The doctors were ready to pay the premium amount for this insurance, at the same rate by which the government will pay the premium of these healthcare workers.

Felicitations of the doctors who lost their lives: As all the doctors are called as corona warriors, it was a humble suggestion of IMA that the doctors who were practicing but succumbed to the COVID infection, should be honoured posthumously by the State Government on August 15 with a medal.

In spite of doing so many selfless activities for the community, the government is threatening the doctors with the legal notices, it still claims that they are not working and not supporting the Maharashtra Government. Many are claiming that they are overcharging and looting the patients and the society is believing them and not us.

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