Doctors appeal elderly, high-risk patients not to hide COVID-19 like symptoms

Chaitraly Deshmukh
Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Senior citizens or patients with any COVID-19 like symptoms need to come forward for treatment in time

Pune: If the elderly, as well as patients of a high risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, experience coronavirus-like symptoms such as fever, cold, cough, most of them, hide it. They need to go to the nearest government or the government-sanctioned private clinic or hospital immediately without hiding their symptoms.

Many doctors who are treating the coronavirus patients claim that the senior citizens above the 60-years of age, pregnant women and people suffering from various diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, TB have low immunity. Such patients may develop symptoms of the pandemic and this is a risk to their lives if not treated in time. Medical experts have observed that it may prove fatal due to sudden decrease in oxygen level, lung failure, pneumonia or organ failure due to late hospitalisation. However, this risk can be reduced if the same patients come forward in time and receive treatment.

Speaking to Sakal Times Dr Avinash Bhondwe, President, Indian Medical Association, Maharashtra Branch said, “The spread of coronavirus is increasing as patients with corona-like symptoms and serious illnesses in hotspot areas do not come forward for some reason to be quarantined. Therefore, patients with any symptoms need to come forward for treatment in time. Citizens should take necessary precautions to avoid the infection.”

The high-risk patients do not get proper treatment if they ignore it when they have symptoms like fever, cold, cough or take their own medicine. In such patients, if it is COVID positive, the risk increases for them as well for other family members who come in contact with them.

Dr Bharat Kadam, Member of Pune Doctors Association said, “Extra and special care should be taken of the elderly people to avoid the contraction of the virus. Such patients have a weak immune system and if they do not receive proper treatment in time, they are more likely to die or take their lives casually.”


Though fever, cold and cough may be symptoms of the coronavirus, every symptom doesn’t lead to the contagion. It can be a general illness. If, however, such symptoms are not cured within the given time or the doctor feels it, doctors ask to undergo the swab test. Nobody should fear of the contagion as India’s recovery rate is increasing and now is over 59 per cent.

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