D.El.Ed. training a headache for teachers

Prajakta Joshi
Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Despite repeated requests, the SCERT did not take any of the suggested measures to make it easy for the teachers to attend the workshop, without hampering the teaching process at schools.

PUNE: While the training for D.El.Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education), that has been made compulsory by the State government for primary teachers, has begun in the State, the school teachers are finding it difficult to manage school and training together.

Despite repeated requests, the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) did not take any of the suggested measures to make it easy for the teachers to attend the workshop, without hampering the teaching process at the schools, said Jagruti Dharmadhikari, President, Independent English Schools Association.

Speaking to Sakal Times, Dharmadhikari said, “While the process of application and approval of teachers for D.El.Ed. started a long time ago, in August 2017, the school teachers were informed about the training on January 5, only a day prior to the training. After the workshop began on January 6, the teachers couldn’t adjust their day between the school, as the training too was for the full day.”

She further added that it would have actually been ideal if the SCERT had conducted the training during the Christmas vacation in December. 

“Even now, we requested them to either hold the training on weekends or on an online platform. However, authorities at SCERT just told us that they are acting as per the directives of the Central government and aren’t open to any sort of flexibility,” Dharmadhikari said.

The teachers cannot skip the course, as they wouldn’t be allowed to answer the examination without 75 per cent attendance. Thus, most of the teachers now have to rush to the centre of the course as soon as their classes are over, causing immense fatigue to them.

When contacted, Sunil Magar, Director, SCERT said, “It’s up to the school management on how to relieve their teachers for the course. All I can say is that if the teachers don’t attend the training, it’s their loss, not ours. As far as the dates of the course are concerned, these are the dates that we have received from the government and the course has to be conducted within these days.”

- Rajiv Mendiratta, Director, Stepping Stone School, said in many schools, more than 10 teachers have enrolled for the course and all teachers have been asked to attend the training at the same time. 
- “How it is possible for schools to give leave to all teachers at the same time, while managing the classes in the schools? The department is being unjust and insensitive,” he said. 
- Moreover, the school principals at the centres have no idea about the syllabus and most of the teachers are complaining that it seems like they go there just to watch some videos online and mark their attendance, he said. 
- Authorities at the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), which was said to be an integral part of the course, said that they had nothing to do with the designing of the syllabus and thus couldn’t comment about it.
- Dharmadhikari said the training will strictly be held in Marathi, even though many teachers find it difficult to understand the language.

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