COVID-19 Pune: Shortage of ICU and ventilator beds in civic hospitals is shameful, says activist Dr Abhijit More

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Monday, 20 July 2020

Shortage of ICU and ventilator beds in civic hospitals in city like Pune is shameful, said activist Dr Abhijit More

Pune: Pune is witnessing a surge in COVID-19 cases. Number of health experts too are blaming the administration for not taking enough measures to control the pandemic in the city.

"The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has been set up at the Pune based Kamla Nehru Hospital run under the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) limit. However, it has been closed for years due to lack of staff and other technical reasons. It is a shame that a municipal corporation like Pune does not have an ICU and a ventilator during the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak," said activist Dr Abhijit More.

In an online talk on 'Corona Infection and the City of Pune' organised by the Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Committee member Gopal Tiwari, Dr More was talking blamed. In the video conference members of the Legislative Council Dr Neelam Gorhe and the former Minister of State for Home Affairs Ramesh Bagwe, former Health Minister of Pune Dr RR Pardeshi, IMA President Dr Avinash Bhondwe was accompanied by representatives of private hospitals, NGOs working from the various fields like from the health, politicians and other sectors were present.

The Organiser Gopal Tiwari said, "All the discussions that had taken place in the conference will be compiling a report and such will be given to the PMC's Commissioner and the Pune District Collector. It was an attempt to coordinate between the administration and the citizens as well as experts."

Dr More said, "The patients with coronavirus pandemic as well as non-coronavirus have not received beds, ventilators since last week. The administration's dashboard should be updated in real time for the information of the citizens. There are still 650 vacancies in the corporation. "

While Dr. Jayashree Todkar pointed, "The need to take care of the mental health of the patients in the city, increase testing, focus on contact finding, and alleviate the shortage of medicines is a major aspect that need to be focused on."

Dr. PA Inamdar raised the issue of non-availability of nurses and trained manpower even though he wanted to increase the number of beds. Former minister Ramesh Bagwe raised the issue of non-cooperation of private hospitals. He also further stated that, "the health system and the social workers should work together to control the infection."

Dr Sanjay Pathare said, "It is alleged that hospitals charge high bills and do not cooperate with the government. However, the government should also understand our problems." Dr Sunil Rao added, "PMC has to prepare 15 reports daily, which he hoped would reduce the burden."

The former health department head Dr R R Pardeshi also expressed, "If the survey teams worked continuously, the pandemic patients would be easily traced and help to curb the virus."

Dr. Avinash Bhondwe presented the challenges facing the private medical sector. He expressed his views on non-availability of medicines, issuance of notices by the Municipal Corporation to those who have started clinics, finding contact of 5 to 10 people behind each positive, forcing blood donation for plasma therapy.

Members of the Legislative Council Dr Neelam Gorhe appreciated the work of the Health Minister and other administrations. She also shared the way the medicine and other efforts taken by her and discussed with the minister as well as with the medical Education Minister on shortage of medicine and other medical facilities must be discussed with remedy output. She assured that, an action committee comprising the members from the NGOs, social activists, politicians and the health department would be formed and its report would be sent to the Chief Minister.

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