COVID-19 Pune: India’s first mother-child vertical transmission case reported in city

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Tuesday, 28 July 2020

The Sassoon General Hospital, Pune claimed to have reported the India’s first case of ‘vertical transmission’ of COVID-19 from a mother to her child through the placenta

Pune: A rare case of vertebral coronary infection better known as Vertical COVID Transmission (from mother to baby) has been reported at Sassoon General Hospital.

The Sassoon General Hospital of BJ Medical College in Pune has claimed that this is the first case of such infection in the country. The transition has been studied by a reputed international journal in the medical field and the dissertation will be published soon claims the hospital authority.

‘Vertical transmission’ is an infection transmitted from mother to baby through placenta, womb or amniotic fluid. There is already evidence of such vertical infections in Zika and HIV. Seven to eight cases of vertebral corona infection have been reported in China and the United States.

However, no such infection has been reported in India except in Pune. The Sassoon General Hospital's Department of Pediatrics, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Microbiology and Biochemistry has come under international scrutiny after a pregnant woman was diagnosed with a vertical infection in her baby.

According to Dr Aarti Kinikar, Head of Department, Department of Pediatrics, Sassoon General Hospital, a 22-year-old pregnant woman from Pune was admitted to Sassoon General Hospital in June for delivery. She had a fever before she gave birth. She tested negative for COVID-19 when she was tested with a swab. However, due to suspicion and as per the rules of the hospital, the doctor took samples of her baby's umbilical cord and umbilical cord with a swab in the nose. Surprisingly, all three samples tested positive for the infection.

Meanwhile, the baby was positive and had a fever and other symptoms. The baby was treated in Sassoon's neonatal ICU for three weeks before recovering. The mother and baby were then released home in the third week of June.

Although the mother's swab was negative, the doctor removed her blood samples at that time as she was already likely to be positive. When the sample was tested for antibodies four weeks later, it tested positive for corona.

"This is the first case in India where a mother has transmitted a vertical infection to her baby. The mother was already infected and did not have a swab test, and her antibody test was positive," said Kinikar.

"Congratulations to the doctors of the concerned department of the hospital for successfully handling the first case of its kind in India. When the baby was in critical condition, we were able to save him with the help of a doctor. The dissertation has been accepted by the International Medical Journal, Dr Muralidhar Tambe, Dean of Sassoon General Hospital said.

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