COVID-19 Pune: Congress leader demands corona shield worth Rs two lakh from PMC to poor

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Friday, 7 August 2020

Aba Bagul, a senior Congress leader and corporator in Pune has demanded corona shield worth Rs two lakh from PMC for poor people

Pune: The ‘Unlock’ initiated by the state government has witnessed a number of relaxations on the lockdown. With a flurry of citizens on the streets, it has resulted in increase in the COVID-19 cases in Pune city. Thousands of patients are being found in Pune city almost every day.

In the wake of COVID-19, Congress senior leader and Corporator Aba Bagul has demanded that Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) should provide ‘corona shield’ worth Rs two lakh for economically weakened people.

“Considering the growing number of corona patients in the city of Pune, there is an urgent need to make efforts to make the health services of the city more efficient. There are not many public hospitals in the city to treat the citizens and private hospitals are not ready to treat COVID-19 patients at the rates offered by Pune Municipal Corporation. Also, due to the loss of employment, the economically weaker sections of the society us facing major difficulties in getting treatment for corona,” said Aba Bagul.

"We have informed many insurance companies about health insurance to provide better healthcare to the economically weaker sections of the population. Corona shield health insurance of Rs 2 lakh is taken out for nine and a half months by paying a one-time premium of Rs 1,168 per person. This will provide immediate treatment to corona patients. No citizen will die without treatment,” he added.

He pointed out, “The PMC should take out corona shield health insurance for the economically weaker sections of the population without spending much on other facilities so that they will not face any financial difficulties in getting treatment. We can give this corona shield to the economically weaker sections of the population at a lower cost. In this regard, I have given a letter to PMC’s commissioner.”

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