COVID-19 Pune: Congress city unit worker donates plasma donation, saves life of a patient

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Sunday, 30 August 2020

 Avinash Gotarne, a Congress worker from the party’s Pune unit donated plasma to a Covid-19 patient and saved his life

Pune: Avinash Gotarne, a Congress worker from the party’s city unit donated plasma to a Covid-19 patient and saved his life. Avinash himself had been tested positive for Covid-19 a few days back but had recovered from the disease after which he decided to donate his plasma to save someone else’s life.

Dnyaneshwar, the father of Avinash Gotarane, who lived in the market yard area of Pune, died of Covid-19 last month. Avinash and his mother had also contracted Covid-19. Both coped well with the disease and have now completely recovered from it. With all kinds of care, he has now started his daily life on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, city Congress office bearer Ramesh Iyer got a call that one patient infected with coronavirus needs plasma. They could not find anyone willing to donate plasma. One recovered person was willing to donate plasma but after the medical examinations were conducted, it was revealed that plasma’s of the two do not match.

Iyer initially contacted Gotarane. Maharashtra State Congress General Secretary Abhay Chhajed also convinced Gotarane to donate plasma. Iyer later again contacted Gotarane and then he showed readiness to donate plasma. After a medical examination, it was clear that the plasma was matching. So the process of giving plasma to the concerned patient started on Thursday. Gotarane’s birthday was on Friday.

Gotarane said, “You have to be very persevering while overcoming Covid-19. Plasma can be donated with adequate care. It can save a patient’s life. My plasma was useful in saving a patient’s life, which is a matter of satisfaction for me.”

Iyer said, “Covid-19 has made the situation difficult. Many patients have died in the city due to lack of ventilators and oxygen beds. Even though the Jumbo Covid Care Centre has started, getting hospital beds is still a challenge for many. Also several patients undergoing treatment need plasma. With that in mind, it will take time for those who have recovered from Covid-19 to focus on plasma donations.”

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