Coronavirus Pune: Maximum COVID-19 deaths in last week of June

Akshay Badwe
Thursday, 2 July 2020

Areas in Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) control witnessed the maximum number of deaths due to COVID-19 in the last week of June

Pune: Pune continues to report a surge in the novel coronavirus cases. Right from March, cases are increasing, as the graph has not flattened its curve in the city. With the contagion affecting badly in the slum pockets earlier, it has now started its spread in the suburbs of the city.

With 860 cases reported on Wednesday, the cases in Pune Municipal Corporation limit has mounted over 18,000. On the other side, the fatalities have also been escalated due to the novel virus. Areas in Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) control witnessed the maximum number of deaths due to COVID-19 in the last week of June when as many as 115 individuals lost their lives.

59 patients succumbed due to COVID-19 in the third week of June but the last week of June (24-30) saw almost double the tally. Though the number of deaths has increased, the mortality rate is 2.8 per cent, courtesy to expanded testing and the significant recoveries.

A total of 22,182 individuals were tested in the last week of June in Pune whereas over 10,000 samples were tested in the first week of the month. The positivity rate has improved to 18.4 per cent from 14.1 per cent in the equivalent period. Over 4,000 individuals were identified at June-end, while 2,970 were identified in the preceding week.

Talking to Sakal Times, Pune Municipal Commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad said, “Pune city is witnessing a spike in the COVID-19 infection but the situation is under control. There are 350 critical patients who are admitted in various hospitals of the city. PMC has already doubled the testing in the city, as well as PMC, is appealing people especially those with co-morbid conditions to undergo the test in no time if found to be symptomatic for the virus.”

“PMC has also decided to conduct a rapid antigen detection test which gives the result in a short span. So people should not hide their symptoms,” he added.

While appealing to all Punekars he said, “There are a number of COVID-19 centres build in the service of all. People should not occupy beds in hospitals. PMC appeals to all individuals to visit the COVID-19 centres. Also, people should now take extra care and avoid travelling unnecessarily.”

The administration has also requested local residents to follow basic rules such as using masks, washing hands at regular intervals and practice social distancing.

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