Coronavirus Pune: Live dashboard on bed availability

Chaitraly Deshmukh
Friday, 10 July 2020

Now get the live dashboard on bed availability for the coronavirus patients in Pune city

Pune: With the rising cases of coronavirus in Pune district another tension amongst people is about admitting the patients to the hospitals and its facilities such as including beds and other emergency services.

Earlier it was difficult to access the check number but now this information is available on the website for all via

When the virus is diagnosed, it is not known which hospital it is available for the treatment, how many general beds and ventilator beds are there. During the pandemic, people are searching for COVID-19 Care Centre, COVID Hospital, its helpline number and other facilities too.

The Maharashtra state government has issued instructions for admission to COVID Care Centre for asymptomatic or positive patients with mild symptoms, dedicated COVID Health Centre for moderate symptoms and COVID Hospital for acute symptoms.

According to the information given on this website, there are 109 such public and private centres as well as hospitals in Pune district. It has 9,379 beds for COVID-19 patients at present, out of which 2,442 beds are available. A total of 1,838 bed are for isolation, while there are 469 beds with oxygen facilities, 72 additional beds with oxygen and ventilator can be attached during the emergency time and around 103 beds with ventilator are available for treatment.

A total number of beds and the Coronavirus positive patient's beds in Pune district, till July 9 including the total government and private hospital are – 9,379, out of which 2,482 beds are currently available.

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