Coronavirus Pune: 70-year-old returned to Pune from Chicago; fights COVID-19 alone

ST Staff
Saturday, 6 June 2020

With no family or relatives in the city, the man was rushed to a hospital and is now being taken care of.

A 70-year-old man who was in Chicago to meet his daughter had his stay was extended indefinitely due to lockdown. However, because of the fear that it may extend again he travelled back to Pune. But after returning, he had to get quarantined in the hotel here and was also tested positive for COVID-19. Not having any kin in Pune, there was nobody to take care of him. But the employees of Municipal Corporation rushed for his aid and made sure he was well taken care of. Chief Engineer Yuvraj Deshmukh and other employees not only admitted him to a private hospital but also provided all the care he needed. In the next couple of days, he will be discharged.

More than 600 Punekars who were returned from other countries were quarantined in the hotel. Out of those 428 were allowed to go home. Chicago-returned grandfather is among the remaining. While his daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren live in Chicago, he lives alone in Pune. After making a trip to his daughter’s during the holidays,  he was indefinitely stuck following the outbreak that was declared in India. As soon as the lockdown was relaxed, he decided to return to Pune. He was then accommodated in a hotel.

Just like others, his swab test was done and he was found positive for COVID-19. The officers of Yuvraj Deshmukh’s team contacted his family and they learnt that he has no relatives in Pune. Therefore, without any governmental procrastination, Deshmukh and his team admitted the man to a private hospital. Also, the facilities of food and medicines were made available to him. The most needed psychological support was provided to him. He is now recovering and has thanked officers and other staff members.

“Those coming from abroad are being taken care of. From airport transport facilities are provided to reach the hotel. For the health of senior citizens, medical experts are ready. The senior citizen who has been admitted in the hospital is fine now”, informed Yuvaraj Deshmukh, Senior Engineer, Pune Municipal Corporation.

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