Coronavirus India: 23-year-old entrepreneur makes masks from scrapped fabric

Akshay Badve
Thursday, 9 April 2020

Wearing masks to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus has become a routine in everyday settings.

A fashion start-up in Delhi is creating face masks out of scrapped fabric.

Wearing masks to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus has become a routine in everyday settings.

These masks help reduce spit or droplets from infected individuals. They are made out of firmly woven cotton and used appropriately, such as washing masks after use and maintaining social distancing.

The world’s firmly gripped in the clutches of the pandemic, and apart from the casualties, the big bother remains the shortage of medical equipment in the country. In this situation, many companies are rising to the occasion and offering their services to create medical help. 

One such brand from Delhi along with keeping sustainable practices in mind is doing all things well during this crisis. ADK, a fashion start-up in Delhi, is creating face masks out of scrapped fabric. 

The brand is led by a 23-year-old fashion designing student Avishi Dayal Kalra. After starting her brand at the age of 23, the routine of saving scraps from her work stuck.

“I had a lot of waste fabrics (scraps of fabrics) which I never threw away even from my college days. I found the box where I stored these scraps of fabrics because I knew that these tiny scraps cannot be recycled either and will end up being thrown up, which will harm our environment. Instead, I saved them. I have been working over an up-cycle collection from the last few days. While working, I got an idea to make use of them to make a mask,” Avishi tells Sakal Times.

“The purpose is to help people. It’s not for the fashionistas, and I want to help as many people as I can. We came up with this so people can protect themselves at any cost. Being a new start-up, I haven’t made enough to donate to the Prime Minister’s fund, so this is my way of doing my bit,” added the 23-year-old.

These masks are not meant for the frontline healthcare workforce, who need a higher quality mask known as the N95. But these face masks are great for those who need to be out in the world during this crisis. These masks are washable and can be recycled completely.

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