Citizens gear up to clean river

Anvita Srivastava
Saturday, 27 April 2019

Kharadi citizens join hands with NGO to remove hyacinth, tackle mosquito menace in Mula-Mutha

PUNE: Members of Kharadi Housing Welfare Association along with other residents joined hands with Pavitra Foundation, a Mumbai-based NGO to tackle the mosquito menace which the residents were facing for past two months due to the stagnant water of Mula-Mutha and unattended hyacinth near Mundhwa bridge. The removal of hyacinth has been started by the NGO from April 14 after receiving permission from the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC).

“We have been suffering for a long time now. Pavitra Foundation approached us and offered us help. Initially, the cost was a deterrent, but the foundation was ready to help us with their own resources,” said Mehzabin Saiyed, a resident of Nyati Empire, Kharadi.

“The stagnant river water was an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. Now, the work has started. But it still has a long way to go, and for a final solution it was important to stop the inflow of sewage and scourge in the water bodies,” said Nitin Memane, resident of Gera Emerald City and founder of Kharadi Housing Welfare Association.

“After receiving written permission from the PMC, we carried out some trials to understand the water condition and from April 14 started clearing the hyacinth. This process was very difficult and challenging, as the water has become acidic, which caused corrosion as the machines are made of aluminium. A lot of construction debris were also dumped in the water, and due to that our machines faced problems,” said Carlton Ribeiro, Secretary and trustee, Pavitra.

A team of eight people along with citizen support was working to remove the hyacinth and it was supervised by Parvez Vohra .

“Currently, we have focused for a quick relief as we are removing hyacinth to eradicate mosquito infestation. Once it is done, we will focus on mapping the area with the help of drone and identify the sources of waste disposal, so that we can provide the residents with alternatives,” said Vohra.

“These societies’ residents alongwith Pavitra NGO was helping us to remove the hyacinth to eradicate the mosquito menace. It is a good initiative as they are helping us and permission have given to them to carry out this work. It was good to receive support from citizens and the NGO and we are also ready to provide manpower as and when required by them,” said Sanjeev Wavare, Assistant Medical officer of Health, PMC.

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