Camping sites a favourite with youths this New Year

Prajakta Joshi
Friday, 29 December 2017

Holidaying abroad
 As far as international holidays at the end of the year are concerned, at this time of the year, Indians usually prefer going to the eastern part of the world, to the countries like Australia, New Zealand and Japan. 
 However, this trend is also taking a shift, as Indians now also go to their all-time-favourite European countries despite the cold weather there, to enjoy the famous Christmas and New Year festivities in these countries.

Hurda parties are also attracting a major chunk while many wish to visit religious places on New Year.

Pune: Instead of partying at the resorts with family and friends, young Puneites have found new ways to welcome New Year - at camping sites around the city.

Camping on New Year Eve
“Resorts and hotels at tourist destinations around the city are usually full and very expensive at the time of New Year. The youngsters, therefore, find the new option of camping more alluring as they are cheaper than booking tickets to a party or rooms at resorts and more adventurous. You can hire tents and spend the night with your friends, with bonfires, music and delicious food,” Nilesh Bhansali of Travel Agents Association of Pune (TAAP) said.

The trend of camping sites is relatively new and hence it’s not yet promoted on a large scale yet. However, Bhansali added that  enquiry for the activity this year is much higher than last time, and all the camping sites are full.

“The tents cost between Rs 3,000 and Rs 6,000 depending on the size, location of the site, facilities and activities provided. Presently, the area around Pavana dam, Mulshi, Maval and Satara Road are preferred the most for this activity,” he said.

Hurda parties
Bhansali said that due to an early harvest of jowar this year, Hurda parties have coincided with the New Year parties, drawing huge crowds of people towards villages in Solapur and Ahmednagar districts. The organisers of Hurda parties have planned special New Year party activities.

A spiritual beginning
Apart from the adventurous and party ways of welcoming the New Year, some families are seen going to places of religious interest. 

“Although the number is smaller than the rest, we have families who wish to start their New Year on a spiritual note. They are not interested in the chaos, parties, loud music that mark New Year for most of us. These people book tours to religious destinations like Shirdi, Theur, Narayanpur, even Palitana Jain temples, Tirupati Balaji,” Bhansali said.
Apart from the new trends, even the resorts in Mulshi, Lonavla, near Pavana dam, home stays in Bhor Velha are already full of people from Pune and Mumbai, eager to spend their New Yar Eve away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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