Ban on bull bars may render 20 lakh jobless

Sakal Times
Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Indian Safety Guards Industries Association challenges legality of current diktat

Pimpri: Following the government announcing a ban on the use of bull bars and crash guards on four-wheelers with its letter dated December 12, 2017, Indian Safety Guards Industries Association (ISGI) has claimed that because of this diktat, 20 lakh people dependent on this industry directly or indirectly are going to become jobless.

The association demanded that government should implement this order in a phase-wise manner.

The government has announced a ban on the use of bull bars and crash guards on four-wheelers stating it can be fatal to pedestrians and occupants. 

Priyanka Bharti, Director, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH), issued a letter to all state governments declaring the bull bars unsafe and contravention with Section 52 of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 and to be penalised under Section 190/191. 

Vice President of (ISGIA) Manish Kolhatkar said, “However the letter that government has issued has no legality as there is no law, rule, by-laws with the respect to crash guards/ bull bars.” 
Kolhatkar further said, “There is no final decision on PIL which was filed by Arshi Kapoor challenging the use of metal bull bar/ crash guards on the vehicle which may cause serious damage to pedestrians and vehicle safety.” 

He added that ISGIA has filed an application under Right to Information Act to MORTH seeking legality of this letter issued by the ministry. 

He claimed that the ministry has not given a satisfying answer to questions raised by them as there is no clarity on several issues regarding crash guards.

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