Apollo Clinic will set up first ‘society clinics’ chain

Friday, 22 March 2019

Residents can avail the service using Apna Complex app

Pune: Apollo Clinic has partnered with Apna Complex to set up India’s first ‘society clinics’ chain in the city. The city’s residential communities will now have in-house clinics for quick access to healthcare. Apollo Clinic plans to set up 75 such ‘society clinics’ in Pune in the next three years.

Starting with Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad, Apollo Clinic plans to extend the chain to eight more cities and over 500 centres in the next three years. 

Located right within the residential complexes, the clinics will offer a range of services such as consultations, diagnostics, health check packs, health screening, vaccinations, minor treatments and basic life support, making quality healthcare and treatment quick and timely, a growing concern in fast-growing and crowded metro cities.

Speaking on the tie-up, Apollo Clinic COO Anand Wasekar said that the right to quality healthcare must be considered an individual’s fundamental right.

“Our partnership will serve precisely this aim by bringing expert healthcare to large residential complexes through our clinic and into the hands of the patients through the app almost in all metro cities today,” he said.

“Residential complexes have spawned both in number and size and it is very relevant for us to cater to such large communities. I am sure that this pioneering concept will see growing demand considering that on an average, there are more than 150 residential complexes in every metro city, which have over 500 apartments,” said Wasekar.

Talking about the initiative, Apna Complex CBO Amit Tyagi said that as the primary app for the residents in the societies, they are interested in making societies healthier.

“The Apna Complex app will make it convenient for all our residents, in both small and large apartment societies, to book services of the Apollo Clinic nearest to them at special prices. But we are not only focusing on medical treatment, but also on preventing and managing diseases. The app will also provide residents with key health tips and advice from Apollo’s top doctors to prevent and manage typical health issues, especially lifestyle diseases,” said Tyagi.

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