Animal Liberation March 2019 organised in city

Monday, 29 April 2019

David Ramsdem said, “Vegan community started with less number of people several years back and now huge number of people are supporting the cause."

PUNE: To promote vegan lifestyle along with the message to stop the killing and exploition of the animals, Vegan Community had organised an Animal Liberation March 2019 on Sunday, which witnessed a huge number of supporters from all over the country.

The march started from Jangli Maharaj Road, Sambhaji Garden, through Dnyaneshwar Paduka Chowk, Fergusson College Road and ended at Sambhaji Garden. Supporters were carrying placards with messages including, Stop Animal Testing, Justice For Everyone, Don’t Eat Animals, Animals Have Feelings Too, Don’t Use Animals - Go Vegan and several others.

Anjor Chandran, organiser of the march and member of the Vegan Community, said, “This is the first ever march organised in Pune city with a huge number of supporters participation. Several such marches had been held in various cities but with a small number of supporters.”

“The main objective is to promote a vegan lifestyle and bring justice to animals. They also have life, even they have families, they feel the pain, they are living beings. All over the world, there are only one to two per cent of the people who have turned vegan. And by carrying out such activities, more and more people will join the community.”

David Ramsdem, an animal activist from London who had come to the city to participate in the march, said, “Vegan community started with less number of people several years back and now huge number of people are supporting the cause. Supporters are increasing in countries like the United Kingdom and Europe. People of India will surely turn vegan as there are several rituals that are followed, and for this rigorous such marches are needed.”  

Payal Thapa, another supporter and a student from Mumbai, said, “It feels alive, after turning vegan a year ago. I can see many positive changes in the body and my thoughts.” Anushka Manchanda, a musician from Mumbai, said, “I turned vegan after watching a video of animals being slaughtered. And it felt great. The feeling should come from inside you, as we all are living beings and we feel the same pain as the way the animals feel.”

Lavanya Sharma, a film student and hair stylist from Bangalore, said, “I met David while documenting a film and his thoughts about being a vegan encouraged me to turn vegan. I think we should unlearn some things which the society has taught us right from our childhood and see the world from a perspective of a living being.”

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