All praise for IAF as India avenges Pulwama attack

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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Puneites, twitterati and the entire social media was all in praise for Indian Air Force (IAF). 

PUNE: As India strikes back at Pakistan, 12 days after Pulwama attack wherein 40 CRFP jawans were killed, every citizen of the country cherished the moment. Puneites, twitterati and the entire social media was all in praise for Indian Air Force (IAF). 

Here is what Puneites say about India’s befitting reply to Pakistan...  

“As an Indian, I feel proud of our Armed Forces. As a nation, we have moved on from just condemning attacks to giving a befitting response to enemies. Credit to our country’s leadership for taking bold measures. Most of the world superpowers are by our side and expressed concerns over terrorism the world is facing. Now that people know we cannot be taken for granted, I hope they act responsibly and peace prevails.
— Nakul Zare, a resident of Kharadi

“Looking at it as a common citizen of the country, the air strike is one of the most promising moves by the government. Indians are really sick of the hidden attacks from across the border for the decades now. The Pulwama attack had saddened every single Indian, and thus this really made everyone proud as well as overwhelmed as the nation stood for us.”
— Sharduli Joshi, a teacher from Sakharkherda, Buldhana

“The air strike by the Indian Air Force inside the Pakistani territory showed the decisiveness of our current political leadership and competency of our Armed Forces. A true homage to our martyrs of Pulwama attack.” 
— Sachin Singh, a marathon runner

“‘Jai Hind!’ were the first words I uttered when I heard the news of India striking back. This is what the IAF is trained for the day in and day out. Sortie after sortie, in run and sunshine, through zero visibility. Flying low through treacherous terrain, and even losing planes and pilots. Salutes to all involved in this mission.”
— Amit Kulkarni, a runner

“The Indian Air Force has done the much-required job. I hope this acts as deterrent and Pakistan will think twice before organising any terrorist act. Earlier, there were only talks but this time we have hit hard and deep inside Pakistan, which they would have never imagined.”
— Mahendra Jangid, Interior designer

“I condemn the cowardly attack by Pakistan based terror group, JeM, in Pulwama, and hence the air strike by India serves justice to their martyrdom. Irrespective of our political opinions, after the Pulwama attack, we saw ruling and opposition parties working together to send a stern message across the LOC against terrorism. I would truly appreciate the Air force for their precision to hit targets in limited time, which reflects the professionalism and ability of our Defence forces. I hope, the air strike is not politicised ahead to the unity.­­
— Akash Dhanurkar, a student

“It feels so good to see India moving ahead from just denouncing the terrorist attacks. A much-needed answer given in the way they understand. Best way to tackle the cowardly acts initiated by Pakistan.” 
— Purnendu Sinha, an IT Professional at Hinjawadi

“As a common citizen of this country, I salute Indian Air Force for today’s merciless air strike on Pakistan’s terrorists. This is surgical strike 2.0 we are thankful to our ‘Veer Jawans’ who gave their life for this nation in Pulwama. This is new India, the message we gave today to our neighbour Pakistan is loud and clear that we will not tolerate any terror activity and we won’t bend down to your extremism. This country has very strong leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We are thankful to him for keeping the spirit high and allowing our Defence services to act independently. Today, 130 crore Indians supports the Indian Air Force and PM for this action.” 
— Manoj Pochat, an IT Professional

I am very proud of our Armed Forces which took revenge of Pulawama attack so precisely and efficiently. It’s truly a surgical strike where the only disease is eradicated and not the innocent civilians. I also congratulate our PM for upholding self-esteem of our nation. It has not only sent a right signal to Pakistan but also to those who are backing militancy in Kashmir valley.”
— Nitin Bhagali, orthopaedic surgeon

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