A 43-year-old restaurant-cum-bar owner commits suicide in Pune due to financial woes

ST Staff
Friday, 26 June 2020

The restaurant-cum-bar owner was going through heavy financial losses after he was forced to shut shops during the nationwide lockdown.

Another shocking incident of suicide came into light as the police, on Thursday morning, found the hanging body of a 43-year-old man identified as Premnath Shetty. He was hanging from the ceiling of his own restaurant cum-bar located in Sinhagad Road area in Pune. The case has been taken up by the Sinhagad Road police station.

According to the police, the restaurant owner was going through a heavy financial loss which he incurred during the COVID-19 necessitated lockdown that continued for a long period of three months. The nationwide lockdown had led to a closure of his restaurant and bar operations.

A suicide note has been recovered by the police where he mentioned about his situation and the financial stress he was going through because of the lockdown, that had affected his business severely, and his restaurant and bar were not getting any customers like before.

TOI quoted senior inspector of Sinhagad police station, Nandkishor Shelke as saying, "He was found hanging from the ceiling fan of his restaurant-cum-bar on Thursday morning. It seems that he committed suicide during the night."

"The deceased left behind a suicide note, in which he stated that no one should be held responsible for his action. The note indicates that he was facing hardships due to the lockdown and suffering from financial crunch as his hotel business was hit," the senior inspector further added.

Shelke also mentioned that a case of accidental death has been filed for the suicide and the police will be continuing the investigation.

Previously, several cases of suicide have been registered in the country and in most of the cases, the major reason behind the deaths were financial stress and losses because of the coronavirus induced lockdown. These three months of lockdown has not only affected the entire economy but have also destroyed the mental state of individuals. Medical experts and mental health professionals had already warned of an increasing rate of suicide because of the current economic crisis, state of isolation and the COVID-19 scare. As the positive cases of coronavirus continue to surge, the country is witnessing an increase in the suicide rates simultaneously.

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