15L litres water wasted due to dysfunctional valve

Friday, 18 January 2019

Water Supply Department puts blame on technical error, opposition flays civic body, activists question maintenance carried out by Pune Municipal Corporation

PUNE: On the backdrop of the ongoing war between the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and the Water Resources Department over the supply of water to Pune city, on Thursday morning, due to technical problem in the butterfly valve at Sinhagad Road,  around 15 lakh litres of water was wasted. However, the water leakage was later stopped. 

Speaking to Sakal Times, Water Supply Department Chief VG Kulkarni said, “The PMC has laid down closed water pipeline of 3000 mm diameter from Khadakwasla dam to Parvati water treatment plant. It has a big valve at Sinhagad Road area which became dysfunctional on Thursday morning. It is true that water was wasted but it is due to technical problem and not because of human error.”

Sinhagad Road was inundated for two hours. Local corporator Anita Kadam of the BJP said, “It is really bad that when Pune is facing a water problem, there was wastage in the city. Though, it is a technical problem, the administration should take precautions and avoid such incidents in future.”  

Congress leader Mohan Joshi said, “It is upsetting that Pune has lost lakh litres of water due to technical fault. It should be avoided due to water crisis situation.”

Civic activist Vivek Velankar raised questions on the PMC’s maintenance work. “The PMC closes water supply for repair and maintenance. If they have been doing this regularly, how can this happen? Now, I doubt the maintenance work.” 

PMC  Water Supply Department Deputy Engineer DS Gaikwad said, “Water spillage was due to functional problems in raw-water valve. We have repaired the fault in valve under supervision of Section Engineer Abhay Dharmadhikari. Valve is now functioning properly.”

Rajendra Joshi (63), Sinhagad Road resident said, “There is lack of accountability at every level in the PMC administration. The city is facing water cuts and regular water is spilt, causing wastages.”

RL Deshpande (73), Sinhagad Road resident said “The party in power wants to garner votes in nearby constituencies such as Indapur and Purandar. They are diverting water from our share to these areas, so water cuts in city are artificial and politically motivated.”

Indu Dumbe (42), Homemaker, Parvati slum resident, said “We were sleeping. Our neighbours shouted that water is flooding. We all rushed out from the house but our all belongings were left inside. All our clothes, grocery, grains got soaked in the water.” 

Nanda and Ramesh Mhaske (45), Parvati slum residents said, “We both are daily wage earners. We missed today’s work as we were busy in removing water from our house.”

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