‘Wrong grammar irks many Punekars’

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Sunday, 26 May 2019

Survey reveals many are ready to unfollow people if poor grammar is used

Pune: “I feel extremely irritated if my friends or husband use ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ while commenting on Facebook. I understand the space constraints in Twitter, but why do people behave as if letters and punctuations are being charged to their credit card?” asked Meghana Dekhane, a resident of Pimple Saudagar. 

She feels it’s very magnanimous that her then boyfriend married her in spite of the fact that she carried out grammar and punctuation corrections in his first love letter to her and mailed it back to him. 

Meghana is not alone. With the exponential rise in the use of social media,  hyper vigilant users are always on a look out for grammatical errors and many Puneites get irked due to poor grammar etiquettes on social media.

In a recently conducted online survey by Landmark Bookstores on ‘Grammar Snobs’, it was found that in Pune, 45 per cent people expressed their views over bad grammar used on social media. 

This survey survey by Landmark Bookstores was conducted in cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune and 

A total of 2,500 people of age group 18 to 25 participated, out of which there were 327 people from Pune. The survey talks about the usage of grammar at workplace, social media or other real life situations. Ankita Parakh, a resident of Fatima Nagar, also finds the poor usage of grammar on social media frustrating. 

She said, “It irritates me when I find people use wrong English or abbreviations on social media. Although I don’t correct them, because I don’t find it necessary. But, I feel nobody should feel the peer pressure to speak ‘only’ in English on social media platform to show they are cool. It isn’t cool to use wrong English, rather use the language which you know the best to comment or reply on social media.

Social media trends
in Pune feel strongly that grammar should be given importance even on social media. 
52% in Pune didn’t care,  as they feel that grammar is dead on social media. 
20% in Pune derive sadistic pleasure by correcting grammar on social media. 
48% in Pune said they will unfollow people for cringe worthy grammar.

Relationship trends
respondents said they have broken up over bad grammar.
65% said love conquers all, even bad grammar.
32% Punekars have fought with their spouse over poor grammar.
51% respondents said they wouldn’t rectify errors on mother’s grocery list.

Workplace trends
in Pune will write directly to their boss in case of grammatical errors.
22% wouldn’t react and prefer being in their boss’ good books.
78% will point out grammatical errors to their subordinates.

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