‘Virtual reality is revolutionising entertainment’

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

A workshop and seminar on ‘360 Cinema and Transmedia’ was held at the 17th PIFF in the city

PUNE: At the 17th Pune International Film Festival on Monday, Vivek Suvarna, Founder and Director, Laccadive, a visual effects and film production company and sound designer Niraj Gera discussed the importance of Virtual Reality (VR) in the sphere of entertainment. 

Gera, who has designed the sound for the film ‘Newton’, focused on the importance of sound in virtual reality. Suvarna, who has been doing visual effects since the age of 12, explained how besides gaming, VR can be applied to enhance user experience. 

Gera said the sense of hearing is something where our ears are always open. “There is always a sound present around us and there is something in our subconscious mind. When you move from a village and city, you perceive the sound and the soundscape changes which prepares you subconsciously to see what’s ahead of you. As sound designers, we have to align the sounds with the visuals such as when you hear a door creak, you know you will see a door opening in the scene as well,” he added. 

He said that as sound engineers, they became a part of the storytelling through sound. “The story is a creative process through which people share and reflect. Through immersive and 3D sound effects, you make storytelling open-ended, branching, hyperlinked, participatory, interactive and collaborative,” he added. Suvarana said the concept of VR was always there. “SuperMario, Nintendo, Virtual Boy 3D display game systems are some of the examples we have from the past. While we don’t look at VR beyond games and 360 degree entertainment, it can be used for important purposes. I plan to bring a technology wherein specially abled children can enjoy the experience with the help of VR,” he added. 

- Anu Narang, one of the producers of ‘Walking With The Wind’ said, “The film is set in Ladakh and even the actors are residents of the region. One of the specialities of the film is that we have shot in Ladakh without any special facilities. We lived in tents.” 
- While the film has not been made for cinema halls, it will get a digital and satellite release. It has won three national awards.
- While the film has not been made to be released in cinema halls, it’s being tried to give it a digital and satellite release. It has also won three National Awards.

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