‘Remove my name as history-sheeter or god will strike’

Prateek Goyal
Monday, 1 January 2018

Lucknow Arms Consignment case suspect Moinuddin Qureshi claims he is being harassed by police

Pune: A man who was booked for Lucknow Arms Consignment case and alleged close ties with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Shakeel, has appealed to the Cantonment court to remove his name as a history-sheeter.

He also mentioned that if any police official takes unnecessary action against him, ‘he will pray to Allah, Rabh, Parmeshwar and God to bring his wrath on that official to destroy his family’. He also mentioned that such policeman will die without receiving any pension. To which, a police officer at Wanwadi police station quipped, “He can curse us, it is a democratic country.”
Serious offences

The man who has appealed to the court in a letter dated December 13, 2017, is Moinuddin Wazeeruddin Qureshi, 47, a resident of Wanawadi Bazar. According to police records, Qureshi was arrested in 2013 by the Wanwadi police and handed over to Uttar Pradesh (UP) police for his alleged role in Lucknow consignment case in which a consignment of arms and explosives was smuggled to UP for terror-related activities.

Qureshi’s name appeared in the case after the arrest of two suspects who possessed an automatic rifle and explosives in their bag. The suspects were arrested in Hazratganj, Lucknow. 
‘Harassed by police’

Qureshi claims that he has been repeatedly harassed by police even after being relieved of cases, which is why he mentioned in his appeal that he will pray to God to destroy the families of policemen if he is harassed unnecessarily.

Qureshi said, “I have been booked in false cases. Police officials come to my house any hour and take me away. Sometime back, around 22 policemen barged into my house just to ask unnecessary questions. I am fed up with this.” 

A senior police officer of Wanwadi police station on the condition of anonymity said, “He was booked for serious offences in the past. He has appealed and the court will decide whether his name should be removed from the list of history-sheeters.”

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