‘PMPML will seize vehicles if they enter BRTS lanes’

Sushant Ranjan 
Saturday, 30 December 2017

Mundhe also instructed the bus drivers, that if any vehicle tries to overtake the bus, and if anyone abuses the driver, he will note down the vehicle number and inform PMPML officials. “A case will be registered at the police station and the number will be given to the police. We are government employees and we are providing a service. We cannot use the same language as others. We will go as per the law,” said Mundhe.


Pune: Many people have lost their lives due to private vehicles entering the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) lanes. Strict action will be taken against private vehicles entering the BRTS lanes by Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML). 

By January, the police will seize vehicles by identifying their registration numbers and the vehicles will be auctioned and sold, said PMPML Chairman and Managing Director 
Tukaram Mundhe.

BRTS routes have been prepared to provide a fast, and easy way of commuting for buses. Many vehicles enter BRTS lanes between Sangamwadi and Sadalbaba Chowk, so the administration has appointed wardens. 

However, some of wardens were threatened by some people for not letting them enter the BRTS lanes. If the warden try to stop the vehicles, the owner tries to run him over. A few months ago, a warden was admitted to Sassoon Hospital due to a similar incident. 

Therefore, ropes were put up at the BRTS entrance. However, due to lack of wardens on the route, many vehicles are seen going through the BRTS route.

Mundhe said, “The BRTS routes are only for buses. Private vehicles are not allowed to travel through it. However, strict action will be taken against private bikes and four-wheelers, if they enter the BRTS lanes, from January. A case will be registered against the vehicle owner. The vehicle will be seized and auctioned later.”

According to Mundhe, if any vehicle enters the BRTS lanes, the warden will note down the vehicle registration number and he will inform PMPML officials. The number will be identified from Regional Transport Office (RTO).

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