‘PMC will be responsible for water scarcity’

Sakal Times
Friday, 16 March 2018

Khadakwasla Irrigation Division warns civic body against ‘excessive use’ of water as it may lead to crisis in summer 

Pune: Khadakwasla Irrigation Division said the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) will be responsible in case the city faces water scarcity in summer. The warning has been given on the basis of lifting excessive water from the dam for drinking water. While the PMC said that this is pressure tactics to get payment of outstanding arrears of Rs 395 crore, as claimed by the State Water Resource Department. 

Khadakwasla Irrigation Division sent a letter to PMC stating, “In Canal Committee meeting on November 2017, it was decided that Khadakwasla Irrigation Division will give 1,350 million litre per day (MLD) water  to PMC. However, it was found that in the months of January and February 2018, the corporation lifted more than 1,600 MLD water from the dam. According to our calculation, PMC used 1.75 and 1.51 TMC ft water in the month of January and February respectively. It is clearly evident that the PMC is not following the decision of Canal Committee and lifting more water than the sanctioned quota. Our official checked meter reading is that we found the corporation used 1,682 MLD water on March 14 and 1,653 MLD on March 15, respectively.” 

The letter added, “As per allotted quota, the corporation is using 300 MLD more water. If we calculate it, it goes more than 20 TMC per year. Now, summer has started and we have to provide water to 40 lakh population of Pune city, rural parts of the city and farmland till the month of July. It is the responsibility of Khadakwasla Irrigation Division to do proper planning of existing dam water.” 

PB Shelar, Executive Engineer of Khadakwasla Irrigation Division said, “In upcoming Canal Committee meeting, we will have to give two rotations of water to farming. So, we have to spare water for farmland and drinking purposes.”

“Now, the PMC has to stop excessive use of water immediately. So that, Pune city and the rural parts cannot face water scarcity. We are regularly conveying to the PMC to control its excessive water use but in vain. So, we have to helplessly say that the PMC will be responsible for water scarcity in summer,” he added. 

VG Kulkarni, Chief Superintendent of PMC’s Water Supply Department, said, “The PMC is laying a pipeline from Parvati to Cantonment Water Works. At present, we supply water from Parvati to Cantonment Water Works through a canal. There is 50 per cent of water wastage. So, we have to take excessive water. The work is going to be completed within one month, after that, we will not take excess water from the dam.” 

One of the senior officials of PMC’s Water Supply Department said, “Khadakwasla Irrigation Division is using pressure tactics by sending letters and making the allegations. So that, the PMC pays arrears of Rs 395 crore. Actually, arrears amount is Rs 50 crore and we are ready to pay. But, they are not accepting it.” 

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