‘Diversity helps in expanding the horizon of a company’

Sunil Pradhan
Sunday, 21 October 2018

With the Supreme Court passing several decisions to bring inclusivity in the society, Naren Krishna, Chief Executive officer at Equiv, a recruitment web portal for women, differently abled, LGBT and senior citizens, talks to Sunil Pradhan on the need for diversity and inclusivity at workplace.

Elaborate about  the need for diversity and inclusivity at workplace?
There have been many researches in past that diversity certainly helps in expanding the horizon of a company. Besides, diverse culture will bring different perspectives, which is essential for a company as we live in a society. 

The Supreme Court has also passed many great decisions recently to promote diversity and inclusivity and it is high time for change in society. Diversity and inclusivity at workplace also helps in branding of a company.

What is the future and way ahead to incorporate diversity and inclusivity at workplace?
We need to realise that rather than waiting for green signal from government, corporates can take the lead and start on their own. We need to start with small steps like making workplace accessible for people with special needs, to have separate washrooms, adequate sign languages and also the need for awareness in people to absorb these workforce.

How can the society contribute to the change?
We must understand that to improve diversity and inclusivity, we need to work together. I have a friend with locomotive disorder and he is working in a top US company. I just gave him a call and he could connect to me like several other persons. I consult with him about changes to make workplace a better place for people with special needs and he is all positive to help me out. Similarly, the society should come forward to accept the change.

How is Equiv planning to bring the change?
A. We will organise sessions from experts for corporates on the issue. Similarly, we will sensitise people on a mass level to accept the change. We will have to partner with NGOs working in the field so that we can expand our reach.

How has been the progress of equiv?
We have about 60,000 women registered on our portal, about 3,000 people with special needs and 25 from the LGBTQ community. We are trying to be the bridge between employment demand side of corporates and supply side of resources. 

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