‘Sakal is committed to devp of society’

Monday, 19 August 2019

Sakal Media Group Chairman Pratap Pawar says all sections of society are taken along for progress; Landslide-struck Malin village finally gets hostel with Rs 1.25 crore funds from Sakal Relief Fund

PUNE: “From helping 750 drought-affected villages to training 10,000 farmers, Sakal has  been doing a lot of good work and is contributing for development of these villages. Sakal is committed to development of the society without discriminating on the basis of caste, religion or political parties,” said Sakal Media Group Chairman Pratap Pawar.

He was speaking on the occasion of inauguration of a hostel at Malin,  a village that was struck by a massive landslide in 2014.

The Malin hostel was constructed with the help of an amount of Rs 1.25 crore from Sakal Relief Fund and with the support of Ambegaon Taluka Vidya Vikas Mandal, Ghodegaon. Built in 23 months, the hostel building was constructed for students of Malin and tribal areas. The hostel was inaugurated by Pratap Pawar on Sunday.

Former Speaker of Maharashtra Assembly Dilip Walse Patil was the chief guest at the event. Sakal Editor-in-Chief Shriram Pawar, Sakal Chief Executive Officer Mahendra Pisal, Vighnahar Co-operative Sugar Factory President Satyasheel Sherkar, Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) Managing Director Abhimanyu Kale, Sakal Relief Fund Executive Committee Members Satish Desai, Popatlal Ostwal, Walchand Sancheti, Shailesh Gurjar and Rajesh Shah, Ambegaon Taluka Vidya Vikas Mandal President Ajit Kale, Vice-President and Chairman of Hostel Committee Tukaram Kale, Executive President Suresh Kale, Secretary Mukund Kale, Treasurer Shivaji Ghodekar, Malin Sarpanch Hausabai Asawale and Ghodegaon Sarpanch Kranti Gadhve were present at the event.

Pratap Pawar added, “This hostel building has been a big contribution for society from Sakal Relief Fund. The faith shown by society in Sakal and its trustees, who always strive hard to do good things for society, continued for last 85 years the tradition started by Sakal’s founder Nanasaheb Parulekar.”

He added, “We have also organised drawing competitions for children and with the help of newspaper in education, Sakal has helped children who want to go abroad for education. It is a heartfelt moment as the money is well spent on this hostel building as it is going to facilitate tribal children.”

Walse Patil said, “The Malin accident happened five years ago and a grant of Rs 10 crore was made available to rehabilitate the village. The Sakal Relief Fund also raised money to provide help in Malin. There was no student accommodation in this area, so a proposal was made to build a hostel and Sakal took the initiative. Finally, there is a hostel for boys and now there is a need for tribal girls hostel. People from the community should come forward to help. In case of any disaster or crisis in the country, the Pawar family has always came forward to help.”

Shriram Pawar, who was present at the event, said inauguration of the hostel was a moment of contentment and satisfaction. He said, “People have helped us to raise funds as they have faith in Sakal and because of that this hostel building for young students has become a possibility.” 

Kale, Sherkar and Ursale also spoke on the occasion. Ambegaon Taluka Vidya Vikas Mandal Director Jaysingh Kale and Mukund Kale proposed a vote of thanks.

To help the Maharashtra flood victims, Sakal Relief Fund is striving hard to help the flood-affected areas of the State. Janata Vidya Mandir Kanishtha Mahavidyalaya, Ghodegaon donated Rs 21,000 to Sakal Relief Fund for flood victims. Similarly, Salobamla Ghodegaon Vidyarthi donated Rs 3,500 while Samarth Coaching Class, Ghodegaon donated Rs 2,000 for flood victims. Ambegaon Taluka Vidya Vikas Mandal, Ghodegaon donated an amount of Rs 1.25 lakh to Sakal Relief Fund for flood victims.

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