Work from home: Parents find it difficult to give adequate attention to kids as classes move online

Chaitraly Deshmukh
Monday, 15 June 2020

Various companies have preferred to Work from Home option but the workload, as well as time working duration, has increased. This has led to working parents

Pune: Many schools have re-opened via virtual and teaching has started via online method. The working parents are facing a problem of children not being attentive in class and one of the parents has to sit with child focus till the sessions get over.

To overcome this issue such working parents who are “Working from Home” have approached Maharashtra Police e-pass services so that they let go of their hometown to their elderly parents.

The importance of family and value has been a rising concern that has emerged in this coronavirus pandemic where the Nuclear families which were settled in cosmopolitanism cities for work purposes are moving back to their hometown so that their elderly parents can take care of their child, cook food and work.

This has been a scenario which has been witnessed in various cities especially in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and other IT companies hubs where the various companies have preferred to Work from Home option but the workload, as well as time working duration, has increased. With no domestic maid, no cooking maid as well as the crèche or lack of functioning baby care centre due to lockdown.

People are filing e-pass to travel to their hometown so that they can work from home as well as their family can take their proper care at their home.

Speaking to an IT couple Anil Patil and his wife Vrushali said, “We are working in the IT industry and though we are working from home the hours have increased as well as the office task. Now in a pandemic when there is a lot of cross-cutting taking place and companies taking cognizance of small mistakes to remove from work. The societies are not letting to move out, no domestic maid, no cooking servant as well as no crèche is open. We managed to take care of children while school was closed."

"Now that the school has re-opened it is difficult to manage. As the children have to sit on a Laptop or computer or on mobile they simply press any keys, or off the video. One of the parents has to sit with children till the entire session of school gets over and later the schools are giving home-work which is difficult to manage between the office work, household, children and their study as well as keeping them engaged is a tough task, cook food and clean the house.”

she said, “so we plan to opt for E-pass to travel to Nagpur where my in-laws can take care of my children as well as take their education, make them engaged and also we and they get cooked food.”

Speaking to Sakal Times, an officer from Mumbai and Pune who are working on such services to be approved admitted such request coming and said, “such request to travel is mostly from Mumbai and Pune to travel to their hometown in Ahmednagar, Nagpur, other states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and others.”

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