St Mira's College for Girls hosts an online international faculty development programme

ST Correspondent
Tuesday, 26 May 2020

St. Mira's College for Girls conducted a six day-long online program which saw participation from all around the world.

Pune: The St Mira's College for Girls in Pune had recently held a week-long online international faculty development program for teachers from different countries.

There were about 165 participants in this online programme for the faculty, including some from Bangladesh and the Middle East.

The topics discussed during these sessions consisted of research mantra - brahmahstra for research, measurement of scale and hypothesis and review of literature, how to design a questionnaire, data analysis methods, the goodness of data and publish or perish, intellectual property rights and how to use Mendeley desktop for the reference management system.

Prof Brijesh Singh of the department of MBA from SJB Institute of Technology, Bangalore, said, "During this international FDP we provided counselling related to research like process, types, methodology, selection of appropriate test. We also had online hands-on experience on SPSS and Mendeley desktop--statistical tools and software used for research purpose."

College principal Gulshan Gidwani, vice-principal Shalini Iyer, IQAC co-ordinator Jaya Rajagopalan, course co-ordinator Stella Ambrose and other staff members were present at the online sessions.


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