CREDAI Maharashtra urges government to implement DCPR rules at the earliest

ST Correspondent
Friday, 22 May 2020

The delay is resulting in huge losses to the industry, which is otherwise reeling low in present pandemic conditions- Rajiv Parikh, CREDAI Maharashtra President.

Pune: CREDAI Maharashtra has urged the State Government to speed up the process of releasing the Unified DCPR rules to give momentum to construction and real estate activities. "The delay is resulting in huge losses to the industry, which is otherwise reeling low in present pandemic conditions," said CREDAI Maharashtra President Rajiv Parikh in a press note.

He said the Maharashtra Government had initiated the proceedings for the publication of the Unified DCPR for rest of Maharashtra except Mumbai for the construction activities. He said, "Accordingly, a joint meeting of all the stakeholders related to the construction and real estate industry was held in February 2020 at Mantralaya. A presentation was made enumerating the proposed rules. Consequently, a revised book of regulations was prepared as per the discussions in the meeting. However, these regulations have not been published yet. The original draft of this regulation was published in the Gazette in March 2019, and at the time many suggestions and objections were also given. However, there has been a huge delay by the Govt. to complete the process and publish the rules".

"Due to this, developers are facing huge losses in business. Many new projects are stuck in this waiting process in anticipation of new rules, while projects that currently underway have to wait a long time in expectation of major changes to the new rules. The builders are in a dilemma and are facing a huge sense of frustration", Parikh added.

The release stated that earlier in 2017, new regulations were published for 'D' class municipal corporations of 14 major cities in Maharashtra. But due to lots of modification in it, a proposal to amend the rules has been submitted to the Urban Development department since October 2018, which is almost 20 months pending for approval. This too, has been ignored by the government. The situation of the builders in these cities is strange that if the old rules are used, the project planning cannot be done properly and the revised rules are not yet published.

In this context, CREDAI and other organisations have made many submissions to the government; however, to date, no action has been taken. The reason behind not publishing the new rules may be state election protocols, time-lapsed in new government formation and lockdown due to pandemic. The government needs to think fast about the huge losses incurred by the developers due to the huge delay in publishing the rules as well as the enormous problems faced by realtors in their businesses due to COVID -19 pandemic, stated the release.

It further stated that if the regulations are implemented immediately, it would be easier for the realtors to start the new projects launching along with starting the projects that are stuck waiting for revised approvals. This will give a big boost and energy to this sector.

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