Video: Bride and groom exchange face masks in wedding amid COVID-19 lockdown

ST Staff
Sunday, 7 June 2020

Check out the viral video where bride and groom are exchanging face masks instead of garlands during wedding amid COVID-19 lockdown

The coronavirus outbreak has brought the world on its knees. The lockdown imposed due to the spread of novel COVID-19 has led many to accept new practices and twist old existing conducts. You must have seen many viral videos about the coronavirus, lockdown but we bet you haven’t seen this viral video.

This viral video is a ‘ritual of exchanging masks’ at a wedding during a lockdown. The viral video is making a round of multiple social media handles leaving netizens in splits.

Sanitiser and masks are two vital tools which have now become an integral part of living and this couple from Nepal is going viral for making one another wear face masks during their wedding.

The video which was posted originally on TikTok shows the groom and bride sitting side by side and making each other wear masks. If you hear the video, one woman is also heard saying, “Virus…now, no more virus.”

Though the original video has been now deleted from the app, the viral video has been shared on other social media handles. The netizens have admired the ‘unique ritual’. Many users even stated that such would be life post-coronavirus. The video has garnered over 10,000 views on Twitter also.

The central government earlier had put a halt on celebrations and festivals to curtail the spread of the infection. Later, the Centre allowed wedding ceremonies with limited guests and following lockdown rules.

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