Tamil Nadu: Six-year-old boy dies after taking a bite into a gelatin explosive

ST Staff
Thursday, 11 June 2020

A six-year-old boy died at Tamil Nadu after biting a country-made explosive, thinking it was a food item.

In a horrific accident, Vishnu Dev, a six-year-old boy residing in a village from Tamil Nadu died after biting a country-made explosive, thinking it was a food item.

In Alagarai village near Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu the six-year-old, unaware, took a bite of the explosive mistaking it to be edible. The explosive went off in the child's mouth and caused his death.

Vishnu's father Boopathi and his elder brother Gangatharan are fishermen and used explosives while fishing in Cauvery Banks.

Gangatharan and his two other friends from the same village had bought three country-made gelatin explosives for fishing at the Cauvery River. According to reports, they only used two of the explosives and brought back the remaining one with them to the village.

They happened to visit Boothpathi, at his residence, that's when Vishnu was playing around, who then took a bite into the explosive stick, thinking it's a biscuit. The boy was severely injured and died before he could receive any medical attention.

Due to the fear of getting exposed and consequences, Boopathi, Gangatharan and the two other friends performed the final rites of the 6-year old boy overnight without informing the Police.

However, the Police found out about the incident through a tip-off and arrested all the four men involved under explosive act. As per the reports, an investigation will take place at the earliest.

Apart from the horrific incident, now the Police are looking into the matter of country-made explosives, it's usage and distribution.

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