Rs 1,000 cr aid to IIT-B: Modi 

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Teachers, intellectuals should suggest ways to improve quality of edu, says PM

Mumbai (Agency): “The confidence I can see on your face confirms that we are moving in the right direction. IIT Bombay will get a financial aid of Rs 1,000 crore. It was a large number of IIT students who built the IT sector of India, brick by brick,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Mumbai. 

Addressing the 56th annual convocation of IIT-Bombay on Saturday, Modi while announcing a financial aid of Rs 1,000 crore for the institute said that six decades of ‘constant trying’ had made it an institute of eminence. He said seven lakh engineers pass out of the country’s educational campuses, and a collective effort was required to ensure they get high quality of education and acquire necessary skills.

“I appeal to teachers and intellectuals present here that they should think about how quality can be improved and come up with suggestions. It is our responsibility to ensure that not only quantity but quality too is of high level. The government is also actively taking steps for this,” Modi said. Heaping praise on IIT-B, he said, “It is due to last six decades of constant trying that IIT-B has made its place as one of the country’s eminent institutes. You will be receiving a financial aid of Rs 1,000 crore which will help in the development of infrastructure.” 

The prime minister further said that innovation is the buzzword of the 21st century and in order to create an environment of research, impetus is being given to higher education infrastructure.

Modi said innovation and enterprise would be the foundation stones for a developed India, and asserted that societies that do not innovate stagnate.

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) have built brand India globally and now become an “instrument for transformation”, he said.

The nation is proud of the IITs and what their graduates have achieved. The success of IITs led to setting up of several engineering colleges around the country, the prime minister said.

“They (engineering colleges) were inspired by the IITs and this led to India becoming one of the world’s largest pools of technical manpower. The IITs have built brand India globally. It was the large number of IIT students who built the IT sector in India brick by brick, or should I say, click by click,” Modi said.

Seven lakh engineering students pass out every year, he said, adding a collective effort was required to ensure they get high quality of education and acquire necessary skills.

Dwelling on the history of the IITs, the prime minister said they were conceptualised to contribute to nation-building post-Independence through use of technology.He said earlier, Indians in the IT sector were considered hardworking and intelligent, now India has become the destination for IT development and IIT graduates are at the forefront of some of the best startups in the country.

“These are the startups which are also at the forefront of solving so many national problems,” Modi said.

In the coming two decades, innovation and new technology will decide the trajectory of growth in the world and the role of IITs in this will be very important, he said.
“Be it 5G broadband technology, artificial intelligence, block chain technology or machine earning, these are techniques that will play an important role in the vision of smart cities,” Modi said.

IITs have not just remained institution of technology learning but have become India’s “instrument for transformation”, the prime minister said, adding the IITs are one of the biggest source for technological revolution.

The world today sees IITs as the nursery of unicorn startups (those valued at over USD 1 billion), Modi said.

This is just the beginning as in the future their value can be over USD 1 trillion. There are dozens of USD billion startups in the world that have been launched by IITians, he said.

“Innovation and enterprise are going to be the foundation stones for making India a developed economy. Start Up India and the Atal Innovation Mission launched by the Centre have resulted in India becoming the world’s second largest ecosystem for technology,” the prime minister said.

“Over 10,000 startups have been nurtured and a system has been put in place to fund them. We are constantly going up in the innovation index ranking. Any society that does not innovate will stagnate. But India is emerging as a hub of startups. We must build on this further and make India the most attractive destination for innovation and infrastructure,” he said.

“This will not happen by government efforts only. It will happen through youngsters like you. The best ideas do not come from government offices or fancy buildings, but come from campuses like yours,” the prime minister said.

He underlined that IITs represent India’s diversity, a place where students from different parts of the country and background merge in pursuit of knowledge and learning.

The prime minister also appealed to youngsters to innovate in India to combat climate change, ensure greater agriculture productivity and conversation of water.Asserting that there are many students, who despite having talent are not able to join eminent institutions such as the IITs, Modi advised students to not to get disheartened if their hard work does not result in success, and asked them to instead focus on achieving their goals.

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