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Alisha Shinde
Sunday, 22 December 2019

Apps have made fitness routines more affordable and accessible. We introduce you to a few popular ones

Do the ever-increasing numbers on your weighing scale alarm you? Do you promise to lose weight at the beginning of the year and then fail to keep up with your New Year resolution? If yes, you are not alone. But fret not. To help you and others stay on track, numerous health and fitness apps have come up.
These apps make fitness routines more affordable and accessible. You no longer need to go hunting for a yoga class or gym in your neighbourhood or spend on hiring personal trainers to lose weight. Just look up an app that meets your needs, install it on your phone and start your journey towards fitness.
These apps also help you connect with people who have similar fitness goals and follow similar fitness regimes. This helps build an inspiring community of fitness lovers and even creates healthy competition among the members. 

We bring you a few apps that will help you embark on a New Year, with a new fitness goal. 

A well-known Pune-based app, Fittr is said to be a one-stop solution to all your health and fitness queries. The app offers features like automated diet charts, quantified food details, BMR analysis, weekly diet chart planner, along with healthy food recipes. The app was started by Jitendra Choksey as a WhatsApp group called Squats in 2016. Through the group, he would help his family and friends to get fit. After receiving positive feedback, he launched the fitness application Fittr in 2018. 

Choksey says that the best way to get fit is by motivating and inspiring each other. “Community plays an important role here because people need support and guidance at each phase of their fitness transition,” says the founder. 

Fittr currently has over 190 coaches on its platform and more than 3,500 new client enrolments month after month with a 40 per cent renewal rate.

The app has two options — one for people who are new to the world of fitness and another where hardcore fitness enthusiasts can enjoy the benefits, by paying a fee. 

There’s enough for weight watchers and fitness enthusiasts, and it’s all included in the free subscription. Even an online appointment with a Squats nutrition and fitness consultant dietician is free of cost! 

Use Fittr to stay fit and stay in touch with people with similar interests and goals

  • Get automated nutrition chart to help you get started.
  • Create nutrition charts and track your everyday intake.
  • Track your workout with training tool.
  • Track your progress and individual body metrics in a graphical manner.
  • Enrol with a coach to help you pursue your fitness goals better.
  • Connect with people, ask queries, share transformations, recipes, workouts, upload videos.
  • Get cutting edge information on fitness and nutrition, articles, researches to stay on track.
  • Participate in challenges.
  • Collect FitCoins by helping people.

ActionFit9 is a functional fitness adventure. Anyone who is pressed for time can build muscle, strength, endurance, mobility and burn fat by dedicating as little as 24 minutes in 24 hours. It is developed by strength coach Amit Panjwani, who has a sports and combat sports background of 20 years and has trained celebrities, athletes, corporate professionals, students and so on.

The goal of the app is to empower the youth and make exercise easily accessible, affordable and doable from anywhere, anytime. The app incorporates the most effective strength endurance and mobility exercises adapted from the MMA world such as animal-oriented movements from the Brazilian jiu-jitsu world, calisthenics, boxing, taekwondo kicks, core strengthening exercises, speed, agility and quickness movements, plyometrics (bounding and jumping) and a multitude of bodyweight exercises. The app is available on App Store and Play Store. There is a one week free trial and thereafter a minimal subscription of Rs 299 per month. 

The app has 4 goals
FIT MOB: A zero equipment workout that incorporates the best movements from the MMA world and aims to enhance strength, mobility, balance, flexibility and endurance. 

BODYWEIGHT BEAST: This workout is designed to build muscle mass in a progressive manner using calisthenics — from the most elementary to complex variations of push-ups, pull-ups and parallel bar dips along with taekwondo kicks.
COMBAT FAT: This workout is designed to burn fat using the most effective dumbbell, kettlebell and boxing exercises. This HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout will improve your lung capacity and raise your endurance threshold. 

LIVESTRONG: This workout is aimed to develop a strong, resilient, flexible and anti-ageing physique using simple and highly effective dumbbell, kettlebell and bodyweight exercises.

Redefining India’s health and fitness industry, Fitternity has become a platform that gives users options to select the right partner(s) in their fitness journey by providing them with 17+ fitness forms and a vast network of 12000+ fitness centres to choose from at the lowest prices across 12+ Indian cities, namely, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Faridabad, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. 

In 2013, founder Neha Motwani, stumbled upon a pressing concern while researching on fitness. She figured she was not sure when, how and where to begin and how to find the best suited offering. She dug deeper to create a solution-oriented offering, specifically for urban Indians; people who are short on time, travel frequently and have a chock-a-block life often commuting from one end of the city to another.

The founder says that the aim of Fitternity is to redefine the health and fitness industry as a more profitable and organised sector and bridge the gap between service providers and customers.

Starting off as a discoverability platform, Fitternity offers services like Pay-Per-Session — wherein a user has to only pay for the session s/he wants to attend. The user could switch between activities, avail of activities closer to their locations and pay for only what they use. 

Going one step further, the platform recently launched OnePass, a single point easy access to all gyms and fitness centres. It is available in two variants — OnePass — Red and OnePass — Black. The former offers a subscription from 15 days to a year and the latter offers a lifetime membership.  

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