Video: Amrutanjan bridge on Mumbai-Pune expressway demolished

ST Staff
Sunday, 5 April 2020

The Amrutanjan bridge, near Lonavala, built during the British era in 1830 near Lonavala on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway was demolished using controlled blasting on Sunday.  

The Amrutanjan bridge built during British era in 1830 near Lonavala on the Mumbai- Pune Expressway was demolished using controlled blasting on Sunday.  

The 190-year-old bridge was demolished by Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) to smoother the traffic on Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

Though the bridge was not in use, the wide pillars of the bridge divided the road into multiple channels and the pillars often hindered the traffic leading to many accidents. The bridge was technically inconvenient for the flow of traffic in the Khandala Ghat section.

The demolition was done three years after MSRDC proposed to dismantle the bridge to simplify the problems faced by travellers in the Bor Ghat area.



Around 45 holes were drilled into each pillar which was then filled with explosives.
Traffic was completely stopped on this route and in the evening, the explosives were detonated to carry out the controlled demolition, according to authorities.

The 21-day coronavirus lockdown gave the perfect opportunity to the authorities to demolition this age-old bridge. 

Traffic has been diverted to the old Mumbai-Pune highway till the rubble is cleared, which could take a few more days.

Traffic diversion
The traffic on Expressway was  diverted to the old Mumbai-Pune highway.  The Highway Police planned traffic diversions to facilitate the 10-day work. The Pune-bound traffic on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway was diverted at kilometre No. 44, known as Anda Point, through Khandala and Lonavla while those travelling to Mumbai were diverted at kilometre No. 55 at Lonavla Exit through Lonavla and Khandala and subsequently join the Expressway at Anda Point.

The bridge gained its name because of an advertisement of a famous brand of a balm. 

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