SWM by-laws to keep cities clean

Siddharth Gadkari
Friday, 12 July 2019

Fine of Rs 60 for creating nuisance in the public places

PUNE: The State government has approved by-laws of local bodies for Solid Waste Management (SWM) to keep cities clean. On Thursday, the State government issued an order to all municipal corporations to implement the by-laws. However, the by-laws are ineffective as the State has proposed a very less amount of fine on creating nuisance in public places. 

The State has fixed Rs 60 per instance for creating nuisance in public places as well as Rs 60 per month user charges for the collection of waste from home.   

The State has given instruction to implement the Solid Waste Management by-laws to keep the cities clean.  

The by-laws were issued in 2018 and the government has asked for suggestions and objections on them by the public.

After considering public suggestions, the State government has finalised SWM by-laws. 

The government has framed by-laws for segregation, storage, delivery, collection and violations of solid waste. It has also imposed fines for littering, creating nuisance and clean aangan violation. However, the fine proposed for littering and creating nuisance is very less. 

While speaking to Sakal Times, PMC Joint Municipal Commissioner Dyneswaher Molak said, “The PMC General Body meeting had approved SWM by-laws in 2017 and sent it to the State government for final approval. Our by-laws were very stringent and we proposed a very heavy fine for nuisance. It was a minimum of Rs 250 to a maximum of Rs 10,000 for one instance. However, the State government sidelined our by-laws, framed new by-laws and approved them. Now, we have to implement the State government’s by-laws, in which, the fine is very less.” 

An official from the PMC Solid Waste Management Department said, “The State government by-laws are not effective. They have created around five categories for uncleanliness and proposed a minimum fine of Rs 60. It will not serve its purpose and enforce people to keep the city clean.” 

On Thursday, State government’s Urban Development Department Joint Secretary Sanjay Gokhale issued an order to all local self-governments (gram panchayats, municipal councils and municipal corporations) to implement the by-laws which were finalised by the State government in 2018. 

As per State government by-laws, residential properties would have to pay Rs 60 per month user charge for collection of waste from home. The State government has decided to impose user charge of Rs 90 per month for offices and commercial properties. 

The State government has fixed the rates to Rs 120 for hospitals, Rs 90 for educational institutions, religious institutions and offices and Rs 300 for wedding halls. According to by-laws, residential properties will have to pay Rs 60 per month user charge for the collection of waste from home. The government has decided to impose user charge of Rs 90 per month for offices and commercial properties. 

Restaurants and hotels will have to pay only Rs 120 and Rs 150 per month for collection of garbage respectively. The State has fixed Rs 180 for garbage collection per month for hawkers. It has also mentioned that rates will be increased annually at least by 5 per cent. 

The State government’s fine amount is Rs 5,000, Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000 in the first, second and third case for creating nuisance. The government has decided to fine Rs 500 for burning waste. 

It has specified that solid waste can only be carried in vehicles that are designed to cover the waste and loaded in a way that prevents any of it from falling off. 

The by-laws also bar anyone from cooking, bathing, spitting, urinating, defecating, feeding animals or birds in any public place, except in public facilities specifically provided for any of these purposes. 

The by-laws ban burning of any type of solid waste at any private or public property.

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