State Women’s Commission set for expansion

Pranita Roy
Sunday, 8 March 2020

Mumbai, Nashik, Amravati, Nagpur, Pune and Aurangabad will have panel’s offices, announces WCD commissioner

PUNE: The State government is likely to set up six new regional offices of the State Women’s Commission. These offices will be set up in Mumbai, Nashik, Amravati, Nagpur, Pune and Aurangabad, stated state women and child development (WCD) commissioner Hrishikesh Yashod.

Deputy Chief Minister and State Finance Minister Ajit Pawar had announced this initiative in his budget speech on Friday.

Tashod said this will enable victims to lodge their grievances before Women’s Commission at their respective places.

“When a woman victim feels that she isn’t receiving the required help from the police, she has an option to approach the State women’s commission. As of now, there is only one office located in Mumbai,” said Yashod.

“Practically, it is very difficult for any victim or survivor -- say if someone belongs to Chandrapur or Gondia, to travel almost 1,000 km distance to Mumbai. Moreover, following up on the case also becomes a challenge. Hence, the department has decided to open regional offices of the commission in six revenue divisions,” he said.

“The commission will have its separate offices in these regions. They need not have to be established in judiciary court areas. The purpose is that if there are regional offices, then the response to survivors or victims will be faster. Also, having a commission in different regions will make it more visible and create awareness as well,” said Yashod.

Another objective is that there are six members on the commission besides the chairperson who can also visit these offices once in a month or so and review the pending cases. “In case someone has a problem filing a complaint at the police station or the accused hasn’t been arrested. Even say, the WCD department isn’t cooperating with a woman, then such problems can be resolved then and there, instead of bringing these complaints to Mumbai. This will shorten the procedure and fasten the response,” added Yashod.

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