Mumbai: Seven arrested for selling Remdesivir injection at exorbitant price

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Monday, 20 July 2020

police has arrested gang of seven for selling one vial of Remdesivir (COVID-19 injection) for Rs 30,000 which is six times more than the original price

Mumbai: The Mumbai police has arrested gang of seven for selling one vial of Remdesivir (COVID-19 injection) for Rs 30,000 which is six times more than the original price of the drug. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) busted the racket of COVID-19 injections in Mumbai. The vigilance department of the Food and Drug Administration was on the trail of a gang working on COVID-19 injections in Mumbai. The mobile number of a person involved in the incident was received by the Sunil Bhardwaj, Joint Commissioner Vigilance at FDA.

Acting on the confidential information a sleuth lead by Sunil Bhardwaj, Joint Commissioner, a team was working on it and found that the possibility of a large gang operating illegally in and around Mumbai on the black market of Remdesivir injection.

While requesting the medicine on this mobile number, he agreed to sell the medicine at the rate of Rs. 30,000 per vial. The printed price of this medicine is Rs 5, 400 and at that time they found the price to be 30,000.

Food and Drug Administration officials set a trap by sending fake customers to Bal Rajeshwar Mandir, LBS Road, Mulund on Saturday and caught suspects Vikas Dubey and Rahul Gada red-handed while selling the drug.

In further investigation, a stock of six vials was seized from Rahul Gada's house. Bhavesh Shah, Ashish Kanojia, Riteish Thombre, Gurwinder Singh and Sudhir Pujari who is owning Delpha Pharmaceutical, Ghatkopar, Mumbai were found to be involved in the drug trafficking chain. A total of 13 Remedsivir Injections were seized from 12 places and 1 between the traps. All have been taken into custody for interrogation. All the detainees were found to be working for the drug dealer as salesmen or sales representatives of the drug company.

The action was taken by the Food and Drug Administration Officer along with Crime branch Unit 7 Ghatkopar Police. A a case against the suspects under the Indian Penal Code, Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and Essential Commodities Act and further investigation is going on has been lodged at Mulund Police Station.

The action was taken under the guidance of the Dr Rajendra Shingane, Minister for Food and Drug Administration, Rajendra Yadravkar, Minister of State, Food and Drug Administration in connection with the instructions to control the black market and sale of such drugs at reasonable prices. Bhardwaj Joint Commissioner Vigilance, under the guidance of Gahane and Commissioner Brihanmumbai, Vigilance Department of Administration, Brihanmumbai Division and Crime Branch Ghatkopar Unit 7 jointly conducted such operation.

Meanwhile, Sunil Bhardwaj has appealed to the patients to contact the toll free number of the administration 1800 222 365 / 022-26592362 if the drugs are being sold at a higher rate than the printed rate.

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