Mumbai runway closure affects Pune flights

Sushant Ranjan
Wednesday, 10 July 2019

 “If they (airlines) don’t send message properly or on time about the delay, how are we (passengers) going to know about the delay?” Rajput fumed. 

PUNE: Flights coming to Pune are getting delayed because of the cascading effect of Mumbai-bound flights getting delayed. 

The rain has caused the shutdown of one of the runways in Mumbai, leading to the diversion of many flights to the nearby cities.

Had they landed in Mumbai as per original schedule, some of the flights would have gone to other cities, and then ferried passengers to Pune from there.

But not being able to reach Mumbai airport has played a spoilsport with this schedule.Flights from Mumbai are generally not diverted to Pune because of logistical issues. 

On Monday, 472 flights were delayed and on Tuesday several were delayed.

Passengers at Pune airport are waiting for hours for their flight every day from past one week. The reason provided by the officials is that incoming flights are getting delayed, which is delaying the departure as well. 

Pune techie Vijay Rajput was to fly to Delhi on Tuesday but the flight was delayed.  “If they (airlines) don’t send message properly or on time about the delay, how are we (passengers) going to know about the delay?” Rajput fumed. 

“Arriving at Pune airport is a task these days and we have to leave our home at least three hours before flight departure time,” said Rajput.

A senior officer of a private airline told Sakal Times, “The delays led to the lapse in duty hours of the cabin crew of all airline. It took time to arrange for the fresh cabin crew and hence some delay is happening.”

“For example, one flight is coming from Delhi to Mumbai and was diverted to Ahmedabad. The same flight was scheduled to depart with a different number from Mumbai to Jaipur and then come to Pune from Jaipur. But due to delay in Mumbai and diverted to Ahmedabad the incoming flight becomes delayed. From the past one week, this is happening every day. On one hand, fliers are suffering but at the same time we are also struggling to control the situation and we are unable to give the proper answer to them (fliers),” the source elaborated.

“As many as 30 flights get delayed every day (including arrival and departure). Passengers have to wait inside the terminal building. However, there is enough space, sitting capacity and several food outlets for passengers which help to easily spend the time,” said a senior officer from the Pune airport authority. 

“This (delay) is happening every day. If the flight is delayed by more than four hours, the cabin crew leave the airport as their working time is over and we wait for another team. The same thing is happening for ground staff also,” said the source of a private airline, explaining another reason which is causing flight delay.

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