Monsoon makes onset over South Andaman Sea: IMD

Namrata Devikar
Sunday, 19 May 2019

Central Maharashtra to witness heatwave situation

Pune: India Meteorological Department (IMD) has confirmed that the Southwest Monsoon has made onset over the South Andaman Sea on Saturday. 

Officials at the IMD have noted that the current is weak as of now, so for further advancement through South Andaman Sea, the monsoon will take three to four days more. 

An official statement issued by the IMD stated that conditions are favourable for further advancement of Southwest Monsoon into some more parts of South Bay of Bengal, the north Andaman Sea and the Andaman Islands during the next three days. 

Head of Climate Monitoring and Analysis Group at IMD Pune AK Srivastava said that the onset of monsoon over Kerala needs more time for an accurate forecast. 

“As of now, the Southwest Monsoon is over South Andaman Sea. It is weak in current and, hence, further advancement over Andaman Islands will take about three days. Till then, the picture will be clear as to when the monsoon will reach Kerala and then Maharashtra,” said Srivastava. 

As the monsoon has arrived in the Andaman Sea, IMD has forecasted light to moderate rainfall at Andaman and Nicobar Islands on May 19 and light to moderate rainfall thereafter till May 22. 

No respite from heat
With the monsoon onset in the South Andaman Sea, the State may still have to wait for a while for rains. 

Speaking to Sakal Times, Head of Weather at IMD Anupam Kashyapi said that there is no moisture incursion over Maharashtra as of now. 

“As there is no moisture incursion, there will be no rain in the coming days. In Vidarbha, there is an ongoing heat wave situation as the mercury constitutes to touch 46 degrees Celsius in isolated places. In central Maharashtra and Pune district, the temperatures are set to rise,” said Kashyapi. 

He added that from May 21, there is a likely possibility of heatwave situation in central Maharashtra. 

State Temperature 

  • Pune on Saturday recorded 40 degrees Celsius during the day, according to IMD. 
  • The highest maximum temperature recorded in the State as well as across the country on Saturday was at 45.8 degrees Celsius in Chandrapur, Vidarbha.
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