Maharashtra: State functions under "Mission Begin Again"

ST Staff
Monday, 8 June 2020

Maharashtra is one of the worst-affected states in the country has recorded over 85,975 positive cases with 39,314 cured patients and around 43,601 active cases.

Due to the rapid and alarming spread of COVID-19 in Maharashtra, the state has decided to extend the lockdown till June 30. This lockdown comes with a set of relaxations and is termed as "Mission Begin Again".

Maharashtra is one of the worst-affected states in the country has recorded over 85,975 positive cases with 39,314 cured patients and around 43,601 active cases.

In Mumbai, the Best (Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport) services have already kick-started today with 10% strength and around 86 buses were witnessed on the roads of Mumbai as the relaxed lockdown rules were implemented. As the operations resumed, each bus was had 30 passengers with two people sitting on each seat and around five others standing.

Best services have been provided to government employees, private employees and self-employed people. Earlier, the buses were only operating for essential or emergency purposes but from now on all passengers are permitted to use this service. 

Presently, the buses are operating on a limited scale but based on the initial demand and supply, the number of buses in the service will be increased.

The publication and circulation of newspapers have been started since June 7. The restrictions on movement within Mumbai Metropolitan regions have been permitted including inter-district travel. For this, people don't have to obtain any passes.

Private offices have already resumed their operations with no more than 10 per cent strength and the office management has started training their employees on COVID-19 precautions. It is compulsory to maintain safety and hygiene in office premises to ensure the health of the office staff and prevent the spread of the deadly virus. Washrooms in office buildings should be cleaned and sanitized regularly to avoid germs.

The rules are being strictly followed by the companies as they start their services from today at full capacity. As the employees join their work, facemasks and maintaining social distancing have been made compulsory for them. Before entering the office, the authorities have ensured that they are well sanitized and are following the norms accordingly.

However, interstate transport will remain closed. Checkpoints continue to exist for inter-district and interstates travel to monitor the movement of people.

The temples and other areas of worship, malls, restaurants, and hotels have reopened today throughout the nation as declared by the Central government. Malls and other shopping complex have been permitted to remain open based on odd and even days between 9 am and 5 pm.

According to the instructions issued, morning and evening walks including exercises are permitted between 5 am to 7 pm. Walking near the seashore, beaches, oceans, public grounds and gardens as well as cycling, jogging and running are permitted but with a few conditions and restrictions.

Local services like plumbing, electrical works, pest-control operations and other technically essential services have been allowed to function but with the condition of service providers wearing masks and maintaining social distancing to maintain safety.

The schools, colleges, Universities, tuitions and other academic institutions will continue to function online as large gatherings are still not approved by the Central government concerning the safety and health of children. Assessment of the student's work can be carried out with limited staff working in schools and colleges.

Local train and metro rail services will continue to remain suspended. Barbershops, beauty parlours and salons will also remain closed as per the guidelines.

Travelling by air especially international travels will remain closed, however, urgent travel will be permitted only after obtaining permission from the concerned ministry of the state.

Cinema halls, multiplexes, gyms, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, bars, zoos and museums will continue to remain closed as a precautionary measure.

Social gatherings and programs including sports events, political programs, entertainment gathering, cultural gathering and other award functions and events are still ceased to operate

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