Maharashtra: Online education to start for specially-abled students

ST Correspondent
Monday, 29 June 2020

In villages where these students don't have access to the internet will have teachers coming via gram panchayat to conduct classes.

Pune: Disability Commissioner Prerna Deshbhratar has instructed to provide online education to specially-abled students through various mobile applications and technologies. In villages or locations where parents do not have resources for access to the internet, the teachers should go to those villages and use gram panchayat facilities to conduct classes, the order states.

As per this order, the orthopaedic disabled, deaf-mute and blind students will be provided online education even if their schools and workshops are not operational. These students will be taught the syllabus available with the School Education and Sports Department of the state government. For specially-abled students, the syllabus available on the website of Mumbai-based National Institute for Empowerment of Intellectual Disabled shall be used and their parents shall be provided with this syllabus as per their requirement, Deshbhratar has stated in her order.

Deshbhratar in her order has stated that for deaf-mute children, the syllabus on the website of Mumbai-based National Institute for Empowerment of Hearing Impaired shall be used. Every district social welfare officer shall ensure that the parents of these children will be provided with the necessary educational material for online education accessibility.

Deshbhratar said, "The special schools in remote locations where internet connectivity is not available and areas where the Covid-19 spread has not happened will be opened for education as per government directives. However, in areas where Covid-19 cases are reported or in containment zones, the teachers should go to students residence and teach them. Teachers should follow social distancing and take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus while doing their duty."

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