Maharashtra: Highway police to take stern action against speedy drivers

ST Staff
Monday, 22 June 2020

The state highway police has now decided to take strict action against speedy drivers on highway

Pune: If your vehicle’s speedometer is crossing a certain limit or you are over-speeding, beware now. You will be penalised as the state highway police has now decided to take strict action against speed violators as per the Apex court guidelines.

Thousands of people die in an accident on highways. Last year around 1.30 lakh people lost their lives in road accident. Two lakh people are displaced. Most of the deaths and injuries are caused to the people who are aged between 15-45. Over-speeding is the main cause of the accident, the police administration study stated.

To overcome it, the state highway police will be taking action against the people who violate the speed limit under the provisions laid down in the relevant sections of The Motor Vehicle Act. The violators’ vehicle will be held as per the distance covered between two fixed points on the road.

The State Highway Superintendent of Police Dr Digambar Pradhan has issued a notification on Saturday that the action to be taken against the vehicle violators.

Speaking to Sakal Times SP Pradhan said, “The speed limits have been already fixed by the National Highways, State Highways and other roads in the state. The order was issued by the Additional Director General of Police of the Transport Department on October 25, 2019. Accordingly, the Supreme Court directed in the order to take action against vehicles violating the speed limit.”

He added, “According to the SC order, action will now be taken against vehicles violating the speed limit on the basis of information received from toll plazas, CCTV and other sources and equipment on roads. So now the riders and drivers will have to be careful and they will have to abide by the speed limit even if they are caught red-handed or escape from the police eye. The ‘third eye’ will be monitoring them. The administration will be taking punitive action against those involved in violating the rules.”

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