COVID-19 impact: Online education spurs demand of tabs, second-hand mobiles

ST Staff
Tuesday, 16 June 2020

There is a huge demand for tabs and second-hand mobiles in the market from parents after the state starts online education

Mumbai: In the backdrop of the coronavirus outbreak, schools have started the academic year with online classes. As a result, there is a huge demand for tabs and second-hand mobiles in the market from parents.

During and after the lockdown, the working class has opted for 'work from home' and are using laptops, mobiles and desktops at their home. Now with schools starting, additional mobile, tabs or other devices are needed for children. So parents have stepped out searching for second-hand mobiles and tabs but there is a shortage of these devices.

After relaxations were given, shops have reopened in most parts of the city, but the supply chain hasn't restored to its pre-COVID levels. Hence the local shops have run out of stock of electronic devices.


Mitesh Modi, President of All India Electronics Association said, "Tab is available at low cost as compared to mobiles. Hence many parents are preferring tabs. Also, most parents don't have their regular income flowing in, so they are preferring second-hand mobiles for purchase."

"Tab was not in demand earlier, so shop owners kept a low stock of tabs with them. Now the demand for tabs has increased in a short time, but the supply of these devices has been less. Demand for tabs has shot up by 60 per cent, while second-hand mobile devices are also in demand," he added.


Modi said, "Laptop is expensive as compared to tabs. It is bulkier too. Most of the schools and offices have opted for digital meetings, so the tab is the preferred device for many."

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