Amol Kolhe defeats Shivaji Adhalrao Patil in Shirur constituency

Manasi Saraf Joshi and Pranita Roy
Friday, 24 May 2019

As per the latest update, Kolhe led by a margin of 58,483 votes

Pune: In what comes as a giant leap of victory in Shirur constituency, actor turned politician, Dr Amol Kolhe (38) of National Congress Party (NCP) becomes the giant killer after defeating three-time Shiv Sena MP Shivajirao Adhalrao Patil (63). 

As per the latest update, Kolhe led by a margin of 58,483 votes, accounting for 6,35,830 or 49.17 per cent votes while Patil had 5,77,347 or 44.65 per cent votes. 

Kolhe said, “I thank all the party members who worked for me during the campaigning. I thank Sharad Pawar for showing trust in me. I am also grateful to the voters who have voted. I will ensure that I walk the path of development with the voters.” 

Kolhe belongs to Mali community and also enjoys support from Maratha community members, which are in majority in Shirur Lok Sabha constituency. However, refuting this analysis, he said, “Today's youth do not believe in caste politics and thus the very issue became redundant.” 
He also said that his serial Swarajrakshak Sambhaji did help him in gaining the votes and he will continue working while also ensuring he devotes equal time for his constituency. 

Voters have expressed disappointment over Patil’s work and have stated the result to be out of complacency. 

“We gave him 15 years to bring changes in our area. But it seems three terms weren’t enough to address people’s issues. Many demands of the public were unmet by Patil, which caused disappointed to voters.

Villages in Khed taluka have been dwelling with acute water scarcity from years now. Secondly, the question of the establishment of airport and implementation of Khed Social Economic Zone (SEZ) remained unsolved,” said Kashinath Hazare, a farmer from Khed Taluka. 

“He had shown duality in dealing with the airport issue. Initially, he opposed the establishment of an airport in Khed but later he went on to support the development. We had also repeatedly approached Patil about issues related to farmers and water, but he never paid heed to those as well. Instead, MP Raju Shetty had come forward to help us,” he added. 

“And, moreover, people needed change and they got it through Kolhe. The main purpose was to give a blow to Patil in his bastion,” said Kashinath. 

Dr Balasaheb Mashere, a social activist, stated that absence of strong opposition against Adhalrao Patil was one of the main reasons why he got elected thrice in Lok Sabha election 2004, 2009 and 2014. 

“People didn’t have any strong option besides Patil till now. Kolhe fitted correctly in their aspiration of a leader needed to resolve prolonging issues of this parliamentary constituency,” said Balasaheb. 

Citizens stated that what gained massive support from voters for Kolhe was his ability to win their trust and assurance to resolve issues related to farmers and their lands. 

“He touched the right nerves of every commoner in Shirur constituency. Kolhe had reached to everyone, which appealed to the voters,” said Balasaheb. 

“Nevertheless, Kolhe belonged to the Mali community, therefore it gave a sense of belongingness to them, which resulted into a larger turnout of voters from this community for him,” said Dr Roshini Mashere, social activist. 

“Apart from this, his identity as an actor was another factor, which fascinated several women voters whom he reaches out to daily through his serial and now with his assurance to stand by the commoners and work for them,” Roshini added. 

Appa Hazare, another farmer from eastern Khed Taluka, stated that none of the farmer's demands were addressed by Patil in his three terms. Hence, all the expectations rest on Kolhe now. 

“One of the farmers’ demand is to give the deserved price of crop to farmers. Till now, prices of onions, potatoes, jowar haven’t been fixed properly. Farmers receive no profit from their cultivation. It is wrong. Hopefully, Kolhe will take up these issues, as he knows the ground reality and has promised to do better for us.” 

Defeat Accepted 
Now, a former Shiv Sena MP of Shirur constituency, Shivajirao Adhalrao Patil told Sakal Times, “I accept the people’s opinion. But I believe airport, water scarcity, Khed SEZ issues were not the factors for my defeat. However, I wish the best to Dr Amol Kolhe for his win.” 

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