World No Tobacco Day: Celebrities tell us how lockdown helped them in quitting smoking

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Sunday, 31 May 2020

However, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown, many people have been stuck and home that has affected their smoking patterns

Every year, May 31 is observed as ‘World No Tobacco Day’ across the globe. The day is observed to raise awareness against the use of tobacco, to help people understand the health issues related to it and also encourage them to stop using it.

From lung diseases to oral cancer, heart diseases, insomnia and stained teeth, tobacco can cause a lot of health problems. It can also trigger an asthma attack. Tobacco can not only affect smokers but also people around them. 

A lot of people do not disclose their smoking habits to their families as it is hazardous. However, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown, many people have been stuck and home that has affected their smoking patterns. Here are few celebrities divulging on how this lockdown has helped them in quitting the habit for good: 

Harssh A Singh: “Thappad actor Harssh A Singh, who quit smoking in the past, said, “I am glad that this lockdown made smoking difficult for people. There is no earthly reason for anyone to smoke. I was a smoker for many years, and I know that it tastes bad, smells awful, feels horrible, affects your lungs, etc. Yet once it becomes a habit, it stays with you. Quitting it is so hard, so if people have quit, that’s fantastic, so proud of you. ‘Inhale the future and exhale the past’.”

Sumrit Shahi: Writer of web series ‘Never Kiss Your Best friend’, Sumrit says he is the ‘perfect example’ of what the lockdown has done to smokers. “I have quit smoking. I have not smoked since the last 45 days, and this is the longest that I have been smoke-free. Part of the reason was that I am in a lockdown with my family and I ran out of places to hide and smoke. The other reason was COVID-19; it is supposed to affect your respiratory system. Hence the scare of it all only propelled me not to smoke. 

"So I think this World No Tobacco Day, the biggest take away from COVID-19 is that it is not impossible to stop smoking and the way you can do that is just quit it one day, it is just that. You also need to identify the triggers that force you to smoke and try to substitute those triggers with something else,” he says.

Arun Mandola: Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan fame Arun Mandola feels people smoke because they want to look cool, but it makes them a fool risking his/her health. “Yes, of course, this lockdown must have had a positive effect on smokers as cigarettes are not available in the market and also because they can’t smoke in front of their family. I feel this lockdown has resulted in a lot of lifestyle changes and made it easier to control the bad ones,” he said. 

Aaira Dwivedi: Aaira feels that even though smokers are well aware of its side effects, once they get addicted to it, it’s hard to quit. 

“During this lockdown, the unavailability must have discouraged it; I am sure few must have had taken it badly. It must have affected their smoking pattern, and some must have had quit it too. I do not smoke, have stayed away from smoking and tobacco. Also, it’s not good for the skin, and we need to look best for our job as an actor. I urge people to say no to smoking and tobacco, do it for your health and longevity of your career,” she said. 

Mrunal Jain: Mrunal encourages people to try to quit the habit. “When the lockdown was announced, and it was said that only essentials will be made available, I saw people running to buy cigarettes. It is a hard habit to quit, but now since everyone is stuck at home, there is no other way but to stop smoking once and for all. I understand that you need very a strong will power to quit smoking. I would advise indulging in activities that can help you forget it,” he suggested.

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