World Bicycle Day: 5 benefits of cycling that you didn’t know 

Najooka Javier
Wednesday, 3 June 2020

While growing up, cycles were our best buds. But with time, we have forgotten how fun and liberating a cycle ride could be. 

The idea of dedicating a special day to bicycles came from realising its uncountable benefits. Been around since time immemorial; cycles are the easiest, economical and versatile vehicle that is known to us. They are also the most eco-friendly mode of transport.

Over the years, these two-wheelers have evolved to a great extent. From being manually steerable contraptions to the revolutionised modern-day vehicles - bicycles have come a long way. 

But for most of us, bicycles are associated with our childhood, bringing back sweet memories of the past. Learning to ride a bike was like crossing a milestone, and owning a cycle was a matter of pride. Also, moving on from supporters to a standalone cycle was considered a big achievement. If you managed to near or hit your teens with gear-wala cycle, it only amplified your status.

While growing up, cycles were our best buds. But with time, we have forgotten how fun and liberating a cycle ride could be.  

 Here are some benefits of riding cycles:

Apart from beginning extremely fun and exciting, riding a bicycle has tons of health benefits that we usually undermine. It is not just a clean vehicle but also an effective way to keep your body and mind at peace. 

Muscle workout: Cycling is an excellent way to work your leg and thigh muscles as you pedal your way on your ride. It also is effective in improving joints mobility and strengthening bones. 

Strength and stamina: Riding a bicycle helps in developing strength and stamina in the body. It also improves blood circulation. 

  Cardiovascular fitness: Cycling is an effective way to develop cardiovascular fitness, and is also known to decrease stress levels. Along with that, cycling is also known for reducing anxiety and depression. 

Improves concentration: The basic concept of cycling comes from being able to achieve a balance, and this accomplished through concentration. Regular cycling helps in improving concentration which enhances overall productivity. It is also known for its mood-enhancing qualities.

Easy: While most sports require professional training and intensive practice, cycling is the easiest form of exercise. It is also the most time-effective form of working-out. Most people learn to ride a bicycle as children and can move back to cycling at any age. It is also the most economical form of exercise which can be easily coupled with other errands. 

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