Vishal Pandey: Making good content comes from observation

Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 21 May 2020

The popular TikTok content creator talks about his popularity, collaborating with Sameeksha Sud and Bhavin Bhanushali and his dream of becoming an actor

Any teenager would know Vishal Pandey. That’s the kind of popularity the content creator enjoys on TikTok. The 21-year-old model, influencer and actor has 14 million fans on the platform. Bollywood, Cinema, film, movie,

Vishal, Sameeksha Sud and Bhavin Bhanushali, are popularly known as the ‘Teen Tigada’. Their videos get millions of views. It’s magical collaborating with Bhavin and Sameeksha, he says. “I believe we create magic whenever we work together, our music videos, our YouTube channel, our TikTok content, it is all magical for me and always so natural. Working with them always feels rewarding and I don’t know if I am using a big word here but I think that’s why people have started calling us ‘Teen Tigada’.

How does he react to the growing popularity of his content? “Firstly, I feel very fortunate that my content is growing so much and seeing such a good response to my content only motivates me further to work harder every day. I am not just trying to create content that is entertaining and funny. I am trying to make it more intellectual by adding meaningful messages. So it’s an attempt to make something that is both entertaining and useful to watch,” says the youngster.

And how does he plan his content? How does he know what kind of content will work for his users? Vishal says that he firmly believes that making good content comes from observation and understanding his/her audience. “The night before I make new content, I watch my previous content again, read the comments, views and do my analysis. I also check what other content people are enjoying online in general. So, after doing my research, I write down my ideas in a book and I try to create a bank of 15-20 ideas at least before I shoot,” he shares.  

The young influencer says that TikTok has taught him an important lesson. “The most powerful thing one can do to achieve his/her dreams is being consistent and never giving up. So if you stay consistent and work hard towards your dreams every day, without thinking about the outcome or questioning yourself, it will come true. Hard work always pays off and consistency is the key to getting anywhere,” he says.  

Vishal has also starred in various music videos including Rula Ke Gaya Ishq, which got 123 million views on YouTube. He has also been featured in other songs too including Mera Bhai, TikTok, Tu Bhi Roega among others. And he dreams of working with Deepika Padukone once he fulfils his desire of joining films. “Making it to the movies is my end goal and I am working towards it every day by doing what I am doing,” he says, adding, “There are music videos, web series and so much going on for me that I hope to get there soon.”

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