Unlock 1.0: 10 things to remember when resuming office

Najooka Javier
Saturday, 6 June 2020

As we brace ourselves to step out of our abode’s comfort, it is undoubtedly not going to be easy, but protecting ourselves is the key.

As we start to unlock ourselves from the tedious lockdowns, there is hope for more relaxations. The staggered exit-plan that the country has been discussing may be put in force in the coming days, brings new norms into place.

Most cities, except for the hotspots, saw public transport become operational. Along with that, more shops have been opening up, and to some extent, life seems to be returning to normalcy.

Even though the thought of venturing out of our homes may seem extremely scary, we must take efforts to stay protected and ensure our safety. As we brace ourselves to step out of our abode’s comfort, it is surely not going to be easy but protecting ourselves is the key. While wearing masks and social distancing will continue to be the norm. We have compiled a list of suggestions to ensure complete safety in the office.  

Here are some things to keep in mind: 

Open Space Meetings: For a disease that spreads through droplets, open spaces make for a good alternative for meetings. The continuous ventilation, to an extent, prevents the spread of the virus. Conducting meetings in open areas can also help ensure aid social distancing. Additionally, continuing to use video conferencing for meetings with people not within the office premise, is a good way to avoid travel.  

DIY Sanitation kit: In times like these, ensuring that you are well protected when stepping out, is of utmost importance. A sanitation kit is the latest essential that we must carry at all time. Here’s how you can make your sanitation kit.

DIY kit items:

  • Sanitiser
  • Facemask and gloves
  • Soap 
  • Tissues

Food: In an office scenario, people are used to taking lunch breaks together. Lunch tables are also a hotspot for the exchange of food and great conversations. But in times like these, it is essential to make changes to the usual office lunch. 

As far as possible, carry your food to the office and avoid eating from outside. It is also important to not share food and sit at a distance from your teammates. Also, avoid using office pantry supplies like plates and spoon or wash them thoroughly before using. Carry your water bottle at all times and refill water only from hygienic places.

Sanitiser Spray: In an office, your desk needs equal sanitation as you spend most of the time there. A good way to keep your desk sanitised is by using a sanitising spray. Spray your keyboard and the area where you occasionally work through the day.

Double up on hygiene: At home, our hygiene practices may have been a little relaxed as the contact with the outside world was minimal. But stepping out, it is essential to pay utmost attention to our hygiene practice. Make sure to wash hands multiple times while in office and keep a sanitiser handy at all times.  

Mask is a must: In the new normal, masks are as important as oxygen. Wearing a mask at all times not only protects us from the virus but also ensures we accidentally don’t touch our face. It is also important to remember to keep separate masks for commute, and inside the office. 

Commute: When commuting to and from office, it is important to remember to wear mask and gloves at all times. For cabs, it is advised to avoid using AC and keep windows rolled down at all times and avoid contact by not touching the seat with your hands as far as possible. Also, avoid contact with the driver by opting for digital payments. 

Go digital: As contactless delivery is taking centre stage, now is also the time to go digital with all the payments to ensure minimum contact through cash. Pay all your bills online and use digital payments apps to make payments while shopping. 

Social Distancing: Ensure physical distancing in office and corridors at all times. It is also necessary to maintain a certain distance at lunch breaks as a precautionary measure.

Cotton products: In times like these, when hygiene is of utmost importance, cotton bags come as a saviour. Easy to wash and reuse cotton products can help ensure maximum hygiene. Opt for tote bags and cotton pouches to carry to the office and wash them regularly. 


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