They miss their school and friends but remain positive....

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Sunday, 3 May 2020

The young readers of Sakal Times tell us what they have been doing during the coronavirus lockdown period.

Unlike the usual summer months, when children sing their carefree ditty, this year, kids are spending their vacations indoors — all in support of the ongoing battle against COVID-19.

These children are upset at having their holiday plans cancelled, and restrictions imposed on them as far as meeting friends or playing outdoors is concerned. But these young fellows have, in the last 40 days or more, learnt to engage themselves in constructive activities such as drawing, painting, helping in housework, studying online and so on. Moreover, they have also learnt that they are safe since they are at home.

We asked some children to draw and write down their impressions about coronavirus and their life under lockdown. The youngsters were quite forthcoming, and we are reproducing their impressions, in their raw form.

This is what they said:

'Missing school and friends'

Coronavirus is a type of virus. Many people in the world are dying because of this novel virus. Also, offices, schools, malls and markets are closed because of the outbreak.

I think staying at home is very essential. If we stay at home, we are safe. In the lockdown, I am having a lot of fun. I am playing different games with my family. I help my mother in the housework. I am also reading many books. But I am missing my school and friends. I am not scared of this virus, I will defeat it by taking necessary care and precaution.

Shamika Godbole

Std IV, Symbiosis School


'Try different activities'

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused many deaths worldwide. Thus, PM Narendra Modi has put India in a lockdown. This is a huge change for many citizens.

Many people haven’t stepped outside their homes for days. Although many parents are kept busy with their work from home, children like me have nothing to do. This takes a huge toll on our social interaction as well as our physical health and activities. I also think that having nothing to do has made my sister and me more stressed out.

Although many people think that this lockdown is a bad thing, I encourage you to think positively. There’s less pollution, our families are spending more time together, and we have a lot of time to pursue our hobbies.

One thing I am doing to keep myself stimulated is trying out different activities like painting, sketching, playing chess and doing science experiments.

I strongly believe that this pandemic will end soon. Till then, stay home, stay safe!

Chinmay Karyekar

Std VI, Walnut School, Shivane


'Very proud of doctors, nurses and police'


How are you? I am pretty sure all of you are bored like I am. At first, I got really happy about the lockdown, because my exams got cancelled and we had holidays…

I had planned beforehand what all to do during the holidays. I completed half of my tasks on the first day of the lockdown. After that I felt a little bored, but thought, ‘Hey! I am never gonna get this chance again’. I called my friend, who lives close to my house, and we had lots of fun. But then it got boring because I had nothing to do. I started missing my friends and school a lot. And, the video calls were not helping much.

After a few days, it was reported in the news that the lockdown had been extended and no one was allowed to step out of the house unless it was an emergency. The news also stated that this virus is extremely hazardous. I followed all the dos and don’ts that were reported in the news to keep myself safe. The number of COVID-19 patients was increasing, and I got really, very scared. But I am very proud of the doctors, nurses, police, who are risking their lives.

There are some good things that happened in this lockdown. One, everyone understood the importance of hygiene. Our Mother Earth is looking cleaner and greener. Second, I also learnt so many nice things.

This was my experience of the lockdown. What is yours?

Aashana Desai

Std VII, Symbiosis School


Maintain social distancing

In my last vacation, my younger sister, Ovi and I visited my uncles and aunts, and we had a great time. We went to Sarasbaug and also watched movies. We also travelled. I am missing all this fun this year.

The entire world has been affected by coronavirus. And, so our Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared lockdown. I am a little upset, and nervous because of this lockdown. Social distancing and washing hands are the only options we have.

But everything is not wrong. Some good things have also happened in this period. I tried to prepare Poli and Bhaji. I can make small but round Poli. I also help my mother in other housework.

One more thing is that I did not get my annual Progress Report Book this year. Without appearing for exams, I have been promoted to the next standard.

I am happy to stay at home because I am safe.

Shreeya Koli

Std VII, Abhinav Vidyalaya, Karve Road


Follow lockdown correctly, get 100/100

It is more than a month that everything has been locked down! I am not able to play with my friends in spite of the summer holidays. This is all because of the ongoing pandemic. I feel like a caged animal/bird in this lockdown. We are not allowed to go out. I am missing my friends so much. We also missed our school party.

I don’t know when I will be able to eat ice cream and mangoes. I am missing my daily exercise and ground. My hair has also grown into a jungle. Our trip to Tadoba was also cancelled.

My parents are at home and are always instructing me, ‘Eat slowly’, ‘Sit straight’, ‘Wash your hands’. So many restrictions! All this is happening because of a very tiny coronavirus. ‘Go lockdown Go!’

Although we have to solve daily assignments, the best part is that the exams were cancelled! Another good thing is that my father is working from home. I taught my father, my new game ‘LIFE’. We went to the terrace and he showed me the moon through his binoculars. It was great fun.

I am also learning how to make roti, practising Yoga, making bungalow of playing cards, and also playing carrom. I love watching Mahabharat and Ramayan serials. I am also helping my mother in washing utensils.

I also liked the idea of appreciating the efforts of all those who are helping us in fighting the pandemic by clapping, as suggested by our PM Modi. My uncle and aunt are doctors and I felt very proud of them. We also lit lamps for spreading positivity.

I meet my cousins through regular videocall. We will plan a trip after the lockdown is lifted. Lockdown has some good and some bad things. But following lockdown measures strictly is like getting 100/100 marks. Only then we will be able to win against the coronavirus.

Hrishikesh Tadphale

Std V, Bal Shikshan Mandir, Mayur Colony, Kothrud


‘Waiting to see parks overflowing with children’


This is Arhan. Coronavirus has turned our lives upside down. I am unable to go to school, though we have online sessions going on. But physically attending the school is something which I am badly missing. I am missing my playtime at school and in the housing society premises. I am missing all my friends. I am also going to miss my trip to my native place this year.

The positive part of this lockdown is I have started to eat whatever is served to me without demanding anything. But yes, I am missing my favourite burger and pizzas. Since I am home, I am able to spend more time with my pet these days. Also, I am watching our epics Ramayan and Mahabharat on TV.

I pray to God that coronavirus goes away soon and the world restarts. I am waiting to see the busy streets and parks filled with children.

Arhan Khobare

Std VI, New Horizon Public School, Panvel

— Compiled by Ambika Shaligram

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