Ryan Pyle: My method is a sip on whisky in the evenings and dream

Debarati Palit Singh
Wednesday, 20 May 2020

The adventurer and host, while promoting his upcoming series Expedition Asia with Ryan Pyle, recalls getting caught in a massive snowstorm in the Himalayas outside of Manali

I just make TV shows about my passion for trekking,” says Ryan Pyle. That’s how passionate the adventurer and TV presenter is about trekking.  

His latest series Expedition Asia with Ryan Pyle will take viewers on a journey to Asia’s best adventure trekking destinations like Mount Apo in Philippines, Badain Jaran Desert in China, Bali in Indonesia, Khuiten Peak in Mongolia, Holy Ridge in Taiwan, Maclehose Trail in Hong Kong, The Turkestan Circle in Kyrgystan, Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia, Northern Thailand Trail and Jagatsukh Peak near Manali, India.

Explaining further, he says that the series is all about staging exciting overland expeditions in some of the most amazing locations. The series, which premieres on May 25 on Discovery, Discovery HD and newly launched Discovery Plus app, focuses on adventure, exploration and cultural education.

The BBC’s Extreme Treks’ host isn’t new to Asia and coming back was definitely happy and exciting for him. He shares more.

How would you sum up your experience of visiting Asia, especially India?
I lived in Shanghai, China, for 16 years and I travelled all around Asia during that time, so I am very familiar with Asia and I very much enjoy it. Now however, I live in Dubai and coming back to Asia is always wonderful. I filmed a wonderful motorcycle series in India a few years ago called Tough Rides: India, where I rode a motorcycle across the country for 54 days and covered 14,000 km. It was magical, so I feel very comfortable travelling in India and it was really nice to come back.

Any memorable moments, including challenges while trekking in Manali?
I actually think that my most memorable moment was getting caught in a massive snowstorm in the Himalayas outside of Manali. Wow, it was wild to get caught up in snow like that.

What has been a life-changing trek?
Right after I graduated from the University of Toronto, I travelled to China and I traveled all across the country for three months using public transport and during that time I did a lot of trekking in the more remote western regions. It was pretty magical. That is what got me hooked.

Is it difficult to balance the TV presenter and the passionate trekker?
Actually, I just make TV shows about my passion for trekking. The person you see on TV is the real me. I am that guy on Expedition Asia. I love being outdoors and I love trekking and exploring nature.

While planning a TV show or documentary, how do you work on your content like the areas to cover etc?
I love to do the planning of my television shows. I love looking up on the internet and trying to find places or locations that would be educational and fun to explore and film in. My method is a sip on whisky in the evenings and dream.
Because of Covid-19, people have put a hold on their travel plans. What about you?
Yes, my television productions and travel plans have all been put on hold. We are all waiting. So, while I am ‘stuck’ in Istanbul, I have stayed busy by ‘creating’.
I have launched a series called The Covid Calls on my YouTube Channel which have Instagram live interviews that I have with other creatives and friends in the industry.
I have also  just started my own podcast. So, each day, I have lots to keep me busy. But I would really rather be filming.

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